What happened to Sweden?

A question was left for me in the comments at Youtube last night which I thought I would post along with my answer below in case its food for discussion.

H.J. Indy Nuding

Vlad Tepesblog – I’ve been contemplating a lot over the last few years about the Massive influx of Muslims into the West and the endorsing by our Political, Social, Academented Elite of this trend, the slow Islamization of the West.

I came to the conclusion that this is being done by the “Elite” deliberately and not out of Fear being called Names for the one and only reason, the Reason of gaining ABSOLUTE POWER. The Black Africans that are being flooded into Europe would make good Foot Soldiers for Islam, since they are easily influenced by promises of “Legal” Rape, Loot and Violence against Non Muslims (“Whites”).

I looked at Christianity, how it was turned into the Empirical Religion by the Roman Emperor Constantine for simple Political Reasons, to have ABSOLUTE POWER over each and every aspect of Life, to create a Society under ONE Banner. Unfortunately for the “Ruling” Classes, Christianity wasn’t as inflexible as they thought, since in my humble opinion it’s a free flowing Philosophy and not a rigid Ideology and eventually Church and State got separated and through this a lot of State Power over Peoples Lives was lost.

When you look at Islam on the other Hand, it’s a Ideology that is as Rigid and Inflexible as it get’s, it cannot be changed, it’s the “FINAL Word of Allah” and rules through Sharia Law each and every aspect of a Muslims Life, from how to shit, eat, drink, fuck and THINK. What better tool than Islam for Oppression?

What better tool to Enslave the Body and Mind of People? Islam is like a Oubliette with a way in, but NO way out. My believe, through observation of what is happening all over the Western World, is that our “Politicians” and “Big Global Corporations” want to turn the Free World into a Islamic Hellhole to wield again the ABSOLUTE POWER they lost to our Ancestors during the Centuries. What do you think?

Vlad Tepesblog

H.J. I suspect its leftists using Islam as a battering ram to destroy classical civilization, which they have through great logical acrobatics, made into the great evil of the world, with the intention of replacing it with a communist-post modern ‘civilization, which would have to work this time cause there won’t be any place to escape to.

Something very much like that. The evidence for this is overwhelming really. But two of my favorite bits of it are: A letter to Obama from Carlos the Jackal in a French prison saying the only way to defeat Western civilization was a combination of leftism and islam, and a document from a French MP in 1928 asking for the government to research the odd relationship between European communist groups and Middle Eastern Islamic ones.


But there is a buyers market on this kind of evidence really. Spend a day at any university for the past 100 years. I went briefly to a Canadian one in the 70s. Looking back, the textbooks I was given were all postmodern replacements for real science. People like Money and Erheartd, (sp) the pseudo sex researchers who have destroyed many people’s lives with their PoMo religion pretending to be science.

Leftism has no weapons except their fictions, and weaponized islam. Mind you, the US and Russia used jihadi groups as proxies for decades and decades. So its not unique. Its just horrifying that people in our midst, who benefit from our work and ideas, are using islam against us, instead of as a military asset against a far target which is a threat to us we are more used to.

It isnt even impossible that Russia is playing a part in weaponizing and sending some of these muslims into our nations. To a degree, Russia does want us to be weaker for its own reasons, and now they don’t have communism slowing them down.

I have read speculation that Soros is a Russian agent. That explains a few things actually. Like how did a broke ex-Nazi Hungarian get into the LSE?

Here is the strategic overview as I see it: Communist groups seek to destroy the west by fractioning it in every possible way. This turned out to be easier than anyone would have thought, using only language. They did so by creating as many groups out of the one, and making them believe that whats left in the middle had been abusing, exploiting or otherwise disenfranchising them. This goes from physical attributes like race and skin tone, (BLM Etc.) to belief, religions, Jews, Muslims et al, to irrelevant behaviours. Like who or what you want to have sex with, and of course, your physiology. Male female.

That became quite a powerful one in fact. People could be made to identify themselves as their kinks. Also issues could be mal-framed so that we would agree to one thing when really getting another. Much like signing an iTunes agreement.

So when the West was bullied into getting gay marriage, it really got the destruction of real marriage. A powerful western institution. So now the circle around the the remainder is powerful and all that is left in the middle is white males. Attacking forces include everything from muslims, to leftists of all types who use their new PoMo labels, Jew, black, woman, homo, whatever, as both a sword and a shield. This is a fairly brilliant plan and could easily work.’ After all. How to you fight a nuclear power when all you have is words? Replace all the people in the chain of command with your people and now YOU have the nuclear weapons. Right? I hope that is the answer you were asking for.

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  1. She is someone who should be reading the blog on a regular bases, her questions and insights fit with the rest of us. You answer should make a lot of the people who read it think.

  2. I actually stopped the tape at 37 minutes to make this comment.
    This reminds me so much of the latest rendition of the movie Death Wish.
    A medical professional knowing full well what is going on, goes on a vigilante mission to wipe the slime bags off the face of the earth.
    My husband and I went to this movie. We ate our movie treats and were absorbed in an afternoon of escapism.
    But what if I were to tell you that that is the future?
    That puts a whole different light on this video and the movie Death Wish…

    • The original Death Wish series was put out (more or less) as a warning about the direction that society was heading. The voters saw what was happening and in New York City they voted in a Mayor (Rudy) who cleaned up the city. Now the voters in the US have voted in a President to clean up the mess and the left is fighting tooth and nail to ensure that he fails and that society falls to the barbarians. As I keep saying if this happens in the US the Patriots are armed and numerous enough that we will win the civil war but will have to rebuild civilization, an act that will take much longer then most people realize. In the Western Nations that have been disarmed the death toll among the patriots will be higher but in the long run they will prevail and once again the rebuilding of civilization will be a long and bloody business.

  3. Regarding Soros:

    The secret Cabal subgroup Le Cercle, aka The Pinay group (Antoine Pinay) put Soros in power, allowed him to replace the Rockefellers and gave him marching orders to promote the NWO agenda. Original members included: Otto von Habsburg, Antoine Pinay, Jean Monnet, Konrad Adenauer, Giulio Andreotti and Ted Shackley.

    Otto von Habsburg´s youngest son is George von Habsburg. There is a clear family resemblance if you compare older pics of George Soros.

    George Soros changed his name. Soros is palindromic and is the greek word for “urn” used to hold the bones of a dead person. Born Gyorgy Schwarz, his genealogy is traced to the house of Schwarzenberger, which is a branch of the House of Habsburg.

  4. Soros helped put the new Spanish govt, Podemos, in power. It’s communist. Immediately opened the floodgates to the Med. invasion.
    Also the most anti-Israeli BDS laws in Europe have been passed in the 3 largest provinces.

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