Canada’s missed, (or upcoming) 911 scale terror attack

Did we just dodge 9/11 2.0?

On July 22, 2018 Faisal Hussein, a Canadian-born 29-year-old male of Pakistani heritage and Muslim faith, opened fire with a handgun on citizens along Toronto’s Danforth Avenue, killing two and wounding 13. After an exchange of gunfire with police Faisal Hussein turned his gun on himself.


Faisal was known to police. He had posted favourable comments on jihadi websites and had recently visited Afghanistan.

Cache of weapons, including 31 identical high-end handguns, and 42 kilograms of carfentanil

In mid-2017 Faisal’s brother, Farad Hussain, suffered an overdose. He has been in a coma ever since.


In September 2017 firefighters responded to a carbon monoxide alarm at a house on Liatris Drive, in Pickering, Ontario (40 kilometres east of Toronto). Inside the house they found a cache of weapons, including 31 identical high-end handguns, and 42 kilograms of carfentanil. It was the largest carfentanil find in North America; if not the world. This house was Farad Hussain’s home at the time of his overdose.

Read on at source:

Informative 2016 video on this exact substance

Here is a pretty reasonable article from The Sun on the chain of people between the Toronto shooter and 13$M worth of deadly chemical.



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14 Replies to “Canada’s missed, (or upcoming) 911 scale terror attack”

  1. and now John Tory is saying we need gun control–Ha ha ha Look back at Marc Lepine aka Gamil Gharbi, son of an Muslim, Algerian, migrant, who separated man and women at Ecole Polytech, ask the men to leave and started shooting — killed 10 women, injured 14 women and 4 men. Result of that shooting—change to Canadian gun laws. How many females did the Toronto shooter shoot? What about migrant control? We, the people, need to change our mentally ill politicians.

    • You are quite correct the left has more or less disarmed almost all citizens in the Western Nations, now they are telling them they are the serfs in the new society that the left is trying to creagte.

  2. I am going out one a limb here bur probably not very far. Given the close relations ship between Hezbollah, ISIS and the South American and Mexican Drug Cartels (in some cases outright control) it is highly unlikely this is the only weaponized supply of carfentanil that they have supplied to individuals in Canada and the US. We got lucky this time but how many more times will we be lucky enough to discover the chemical attack before it is carried out. Also after an atack is carried out with carfentanil how long will the clean up take? that stuff is so dangerous that the experts will probably have to develop new procedures to ensure that all of it is removed from the location that it was used in.

    • Many Chinese Uyghur are allied with the Islamic State.,7340,L-4941411,00.html

      That said, considering the 31 identical handguns also found, one cannot refute a major terror attack was being planned.

      It only takes ten Jihadis to vaporize a tiny amount of the substance in ten nightclubs where nobody will see them because it’s dark inside. Think about, one place – a nightclub – where no devout Muslim will hang out and some 400 Infidels inside. Result: 4,000 dead.

      • I was thinking half or better being put in the HVAC system at some indoor sports stadium, or big shopping mall.

        • There will be Muslims in those places. The idea is to spread terror among the disbelievers.
          People that go to nightclubs aren’t frisked.

  3. What is important is the back trace. This isn’t just a Canadian problem, this is a city killer anywhere in the world. Try quarantining Toronto if this was aerosolized and deployed via drone. The panic alone would kill thousands.

  4. The message from the Islamic Revolutionary Force aka a group of sick cowards, earlier this spring did say, We can destroy your tourists industry, hurt your people, de-rail your trains, poison your water supply, start devastating forest fires…….Praise Allah! God is Great. IRF
    Was anyone ever apprehended or would anyone say…

  5. At least the drama queen spared us from any tearing up today in Toronto, when he was lecturing about sticking together–tomorrow he will be back to his divide and conquer routine. I loathe this manipulative, mooncalf.

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