At last, Western values fight back against a corrupt, leftist state in Canada

**BOTH The Ottawa Citizen, and the Edmonton Sun have banned all comments on the issue. Please read carefully, and leave your thoughtful comment here.**

In 2017, ACT for Canada booked the Ottawa Public Library to show Michael Hansen’s excellent film, (now available for free on Youtube) Killing Europe.

A social justice warrior lawyer in Ottawa (names in the newspaper articles about this issue) along with a group of communist thugs called, “Ottawa Against Fascism” managed to get the Ottawa Public Library to shut the event down at the last minute.

Here at Vlad, we have done several posts on this issue. It is a grotesque abandonment of anything like democratic principles to designate any unfashionable data, and I do not mean opinion, I mean data that may lead to people forming an opinion that goes against current policies of the deconstruction of our nation states in favour of a new Islamic flavoured international socialism.

Now, ACT for Canada is fighting back and has filed against the Library for a breach of all of our rights. The right to show the film, and the right to see it.

Here are two newspaper articles that have appeared already:

The Ottawa Citizen:

The Edmonton Sun:

Here is the interview I did with Michael some time ago about aspects of these events:

The movie, Killing Europe. A must-watch for all. See it before Youtube does what it does.

Here is the actual press release on the procedures now being taken against the Ottawa Public Library by ACT for Canada. At last, someone is actually doing something.

The Court file document:

The Press Release by the law firm who served the library:

Let’s watch this one. There is more at stake here than a mere win-lose for a single case. This is about whether or not, government institutions, and especially a public library, gets to decide what people can see or hear at an institution which is publicly funded, and must operate under constitutional guarantees.


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