Rumours that Tommy Robinson has been moved to MAX security, with 76% muslims

Geert Wilders tweet:

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  1. My (seemingly naive) assumption had been that the “authorities”, recognizing the pushback that their corrupt use of the judicial system had engendered in the population at large, would try to keep a low profile, as it were. Keep Tommy safe (but silent) for a year and hope that the “fuss” died down. But if this report is true … what’s going on? A sheer arrogant demonstration of their power? God help Tommy. In fact, God help the UK in general. And when (if) the tables are ever turned, may we have the same amount of mercy for them as they are showing for Mr Robinson – none.

    • If anything happens to Tommy in max, I wouldn’t want to be May or any other government official and make a dinner reservation anywhere.

      • I wouldn’t want to be the judge, the police, the prison guards, the press or the muslims.

        I feel that if he is injured or God forbid he dies, there’s going to be blood shed.

        • Probably a lot of blood will be shed, if (God forbid) he is killed this should be the trigger to cause Britain to explode.

      • The Communists in Russia and China killed their citizens with impunity.

        But in the UK, the Socialists in the Civil Service are not yet empowered enough, their Political Representatives and Advisors not quite prominent enough, to murder a Queen’s Subject as if it were as meaningless as two goats butting heads.

        So that his death, rather than be an example set to the masses to terrrorize and demoralize them by the hands of these Useful Idiots – with their mortgage swapping between homes to fiddle their expenses as a corruption worth jail time far more than the working class forced to deceptively inflate their incomes just to be able to get onto the property ladder, may then get the backlash they untimely deserved. The former are thieves, while the latter just tightened their belts even further to repay their debts.

        This seems the mood towards those who dish out fairness with other people’s money.

      • Nothing will happen to these rats from “our” side. (*) As happened to the communists after the so-called “revolution” in Iran, it is those whom the collaborators brought in and promoted that will hang them, hopefully from not very high trees, so we can see their expressions.

        Look at the vertical hierarchy of Tommy’s murderers:

        1. Theresa May = whore for islam
        2. State Secretary (or Minister of the Interior whatever they call it) who will be the next PM = Muslim
        3. Mayor of London = friend and defender of those who will murder Tommy
        4. An inordinate number of mayors in England = muslims and probably intimate friends of those who will murder Tommy
        All those cancer cells have long since metastasized and the UK’s cancer, at this stage, seems terminal.
        All we can do is shout, and scream, and publish, and “not go quiet into that dark night”.


          • There is no reason not to be civilized in war.

            Those who tell you you must be beasts are the Subs in revenge to their Doms. The Far Left to the Far Far Left. Their minds jumping at shadows.

            The internment of Japanese to remove them from the battle field was a case in point of a noble American people.

            The Japanese then like muslims today, having no compulsion in religion towards humanity.

      • They aren’t out of touch they are desperate, the demonstrations show he has a lot of support and they are scared that he would send the message to go on the offensive. They had the choice of turning him loose, letting him serve out his sentence (and his new lawyers were working to get him out early), or send him where he would be killed.

        Their best chance for riding out turmoil was number 2, that one was a slim choice but the best they had. They chose number 3 hoping that his murder would scare people into going home and hiding. If this was Russia or China their choice would have been the right one. They aren’t in a nation with a history of tyranny but in one with a history of freedom, the Brits are use to rights and freedom and are upset about the way the current government is taking those from them.

        If, I repeat if enough pressure is put on the British Government to get Tommy out of max the current government will fall within 6 to 12 months. If Tommy is killed the government will either fall withing 6 to 12 months if the protests are the non violent ones we have seen. If they aren’t non violent but riots and the Brits decide to carry out a asymmetric civil war anyone who works for the various governments are at risk and we will see if Tommy Atkins is behind Tommy Robinson.

        The current government falling doesn’t mean that the rebels will have won because it is likely that the current government will be replaced by one as bad or worse. The world just got a lot scarier.

        • @ Richard:

          “…The current government falling doesn’t mean that the rebels will have won because it is likely that the current government will be replaced by one as bad or worse. The world just got a lot scarier.”

          I totally agree with you, Richard. (Same thing in Germany btw, where very reliable sources say that Merkel is on her way out, bc her Interior Minister and Coalition partner, concerned about the impending regional elections in his native Bavaria has started “talking tough about muslim immigration”…and her own party members are turning)

          In the hellhole that the UK has become, Theresa May has appointed a Muslim to the number 2 position – traditionally the last step before reaching the Primeministership. While the secret ill wishes I’m sending towards that whore-for-islam do not bear publishing, I too think, what will be replacing her will be worse – even if it is the pathological Jew-Hater, the Labor Leader whatshisname.

          I feel we are in a very very very bad place right now. 🙁

          • We are in a very bad place, Miss Piggy said that she has run across a reddit threat about how to make smokeless gun powder and primers because the people say they can get guns but the ammo is real scarce item.

        • The man in your video has a point, knows his peers their mindset. They will collaborate with Nazis as long as the crematoria are located at a comfortable distance. Not spewing ash in their faces.

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  3. I, and many other True Brits are motherfucking furious about this planned effort to get Tommy “Conviently” murdered in jail.
    I hope the governments bunker is well stocked as they will be down there for a long time.
    All MPs, Judges, Police, civil servants and media had better start watching their backs if Tommy gets Rubbed out.

      • Don’t get mad, get even. I think the work done on the blog is going to help make the cost of their murders much higher then they think. A massive reaction in Britain might make Trudeau think twice about doing things, assuming that he is capable of thinking.

        • Keep the pressure on, I don’t know how many world governments we can get to ask them to move Tommy and save him but that has to be tried. Other then that demonstrations in front of Embassy’s and Consulates for as long as can be arranged.

          Leave any direct action to the Brits because if any Yank is caught doing any kind of direct action it will hurt the rebels.

  4. IMHO if Tommy Robinson is murdered or dies “mysteriously” in gaol then his death certificate will be an execution warrant for May , Javid and that other noxious muslim mouth baroness Warsi. Why? because being establishment they will be wrapped in legal cotton wool will be untouchable even if they killed him with their bare hands. The UK establishment like all aristocracy/plutocracy darlings NEVER pays its dues so someone will have to expedite justice with due prejudice and IMO all three deserve it already by their acts. I just love it when certain people allow or provoke violence then call you an aggressor when you finally have had enough of their aggression.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. The insulated and the cry-bullies:

      An IDF soldier’s description of experience in Gaza
      You know what was the hardest part of all this?

      It’s not the fact we didn’t take off our shoes the past week nor shower. Not the fact we didn’t talk to our friends and family the past week. It’s not the fact we sleep in average 4 hours a night.

      Let’s not talk about when was the last time we went home.

      It was the fact we did all of this, and at the end of the week, we saw in the media only criticism, onhow we kill Innocent Palestinians.

      Well, I wanna put things straight. (Since I’m actually here)

      Have you ever seen 4,000 people running towards you full of hate and yelling “Allah Akhbar”? Have you ever seen 4,000 people men woman and kids full of hate and anger?

      Can a knife kill? A Molotov cocktail? Fire kites? Bomb? AK-47?

      Well, that’s a daily threat on the border.”

      • The Arabs are willing to sacrifice their kids to the cause, if they thought it would give them one minute of good media coverage they would send all of them out with explosive vests on. This happened in Nam and the liberal press had a field day of hate for the US military.

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