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5 Replies to ““This is not immigration but invasion””

  1. Personally if anything happens to Tommy Robinson then IMHO May and that muslim home secretary(and baroness Warsi) should be removed by any means and with prejudice as it is obviously a political execution no different to that of the Gestapo and approved by all three and hence they are all criminals to the UK and should pay the price. But seeing as they are “establishment” they will be wrapped in legal cotton wool, so only direct action will expedite true justice.

  2. COMMON SENSE – It is nothing but common sense to rule for the MAJORITY of your people, and for the actual people who gave you that power. Those who rule for minorities – the Left – will eventually find out that the majority will get fed up and seek change – currently happening across The West. Increasingly the Left are forcing aside their country’s majorities in favour of minority groups, whether they be assorted immigrants, Muslims, LGBT, feminists, and so on, to the detriment of the general populace which still feel pride for their society’s values, achievements, history, culture and traditions. Once again President Trump exposed this “identity politics” and its lack of respect for traditional, patriotic norms when he called out the NFL football players who were taking a knee before games started during the National Anthem. He forced this “culture war” and eventually won. Why? Because he stands with the majority of his citizens who are turned off by the politicization of everything by the Left, from food to fashion to sports. Most European leaders, save the ones mentioned above, have been utterly tone-deaf to the needs and desires of the majorities of their own countries. This does not bode well for their future, the average man in Europe today is downtrodden and angry and is increasingly aggrieved by the lack of honest, well-intentioned, benevolent and inspiring leadership.

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