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11 Replies to “A worthy verse”

  1. How fitting today.
    Joel Harden running for the NDP in Ottawa says: “We want to make Ontario a sanctuary province. I`m proud that Andrea Horwath has led this charge in the face of terrible, misogyny, anti-immigration and white supremacist intolerance, especially online. This is a far-right backlash and it won`t work: we won`t budge an inch on this.“

    Funny if you do not agree with them you become a monster.

  2. Stockholm, and much of Europe, is going to (FOREVER) get over this “syndrome”.

    If they don’t, THEY DIE.

    • Nukes are political weapons not tactical weapons, they won’t be used until the west is hit with weapons of mass destruction (real ones not those the Propaganda Media see in every terror attack) or the situation has reached the point of “they are our last hope of remaining free”.

      In WWII the nukes were used to save the lives of over a million allied troops and prevent the total destruction of the Japanese culture. Does this matter to the unthinking proles? No they look at the number who died not those who were saved. The same attitude will show up after we are finally forced to use nukes to save freedom, the saviors of freedom will be condemned for the methods used. The unthinking will say it would be better to be slaves instead of killing so many with nukes.

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