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  1. Fast Food Tables Turned When Robber Sticking Up Restaurant Shot By Someone At Drive-Thru Window, Pol

    • I’m mysteriously confident that there’s quite a few active duty LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) out there who would call this a “happy ending”.

      As GoV’s Baron Bodissey is fond of noting:


      The sooner that Free People start muscularly exercising the full range of their political options and Constitutional Rights, the sooner Western Civilization will shake off this ridiculous yoke of Politically Correct Cultural Marxism.

      Any currently sitting politician who tolerates a single molecule of this PC bull-puckey should be run out of office on a rail. Tar and feathers optional.

      • Optimistic HR. What are the odds that this was an opposing gang as opposed to a real vigilante (a la Charles Bronson) action? The confident firing from a distance and the accuracy of the shots with nearby staff, show that this was no “average Joe” who just happened to be carrying at the time. Off duty cop, ex military or gangland would be my guess. the smartest thing that the ?hero did, was get away quickly.

        • Off duty cop, ex military or gangland would be my guess. the smartest thing that the hero did, was get away quickly.

          Too right, on all counts!

        • It could have been a semi-average Joe, there are a lot of average people who are going through one of the many schools on firearms self defense. Also the gangland types tend to be among the worst shots alive.

          The three round fired tend to argue against police or military training, we are taught to double tap and the repeat if needed.

  2. President Donald Trump is struggling to convince Congress to fund his border wall along the frontier with Mexico. Meanwhile, Israel is building a new wall along its border with Gaza — underwater.
    The Jerusalem Post reports that the new wall will be the first marine barrier of its kind in the world:

    The Defense Ministry has started construction on an underwater barrier, which will stretch from the southern Israeli community of Zikim out into the Mediterranean to stave off Hamas infiltration by sea.

    The barrier is made up of three layers, including one below sea level, a layer of armored stone and a third layer with barbed wire. In addition, a fence will surround the breakwater to provide a final measure of security. The length and depth of the barrier have not been revealed.

    “This is the only barrier of its kind in the world, which will effectively block the possibility of infiltrating into Israel via the sea… This will further thwart Hamas’s loss of strategic capabilities,” said Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman.

    • This will further thwart Hamas’s loss of strategic capabilities,” said Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman.

      Clearly, an ESL problem.

      “This will further thwart Hamas’s loss of strategic capabilities,” said Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman.”

      There, fixed that…

      Speaking of hare-raising “Pronoun Trouble”, just for fun:

      PS: The clattering of Daffy’s (again-repositioned) beak after Elmer’s second gun blast is a work of sheer Foley Table (i.e., sound effects) genius. Forever blessed shall be the eternal memory of Mel Blanc and the entire Warner Brothers animation crew.

      Only Disney managed to surpass their technical artistry (look up Eyvind Earle). Regardless, neither Disney nor few others (then, now, or in the future) ever will supply the deliciously insinuative, often suggestive, sometimes salacious, always hilarious, massively creative, superbly well-drawn, adult–teen–child entertaining content that Bugs Bunny* and friends have delivered over the past half-century.

      I’ll (try and) stop now…

      * Bugs Bunny Esq. was specifically intended to portray the Average American Joe.

      • My grandfather and I preferred Donald Duck…he had them all on tapes(IIRC) and like his Robert Stack Untouchable collection, these brainwashed me totally.

        • My grandfather and I preferred Donald Duck…he had them all on tapes…

          You’re telling me that he had a copy of the full-length Donald Duck feature, “Clown of the Jungle”?!?

          I saw it once as a young child and never again.

      • He has the Judges in a trap, either the Supreme Court reverses its earlier ruling (unlikely with new Conservative Judges being appointed) or they follow the earlier ruling and declare giving away the programing and selling the ghost gun machines to be protected under the first and second amendment. The first way will cause a massive civil uprising and the second will semi decapitate the zombie gun control laws.

        Having a loaded 1911 stashed in every room would be nice.

  3. Pay attention to this one Ezra has a plan to try and help Tommy

    Media FIGHTS UK gag order on Tommy Robinson news

  4. MONTREAL — Praise flowed in from politicians of all stripes when former governor general Michaelle Jean was named the first woman leader of la Francophonie four years ago, but her support appears less unanimous as she prepares to seek another term.

    Jean was named secretary general of the French-speaking nations’ organization in 2014, with a promise to promote economic development, gender equality and dialogue, especially among the developing African nations.

    But in recent months she has been dogged by questions about her expenses, leading one Conservative MP to suggest she has become an embarrassment to Canada.

    The expenses, which were reported by Quebecor media outlets, include a $500,000 renovation to her rented Paris residence and a $20,000 piano.

  5. “UK: You’re Not Allowed to Talk about It. About What? Don’t Ask.” by Bruce Babe – May 28, 2018

    “Tommy Robinson latest: UKIP Peer Malcolm Lord Pearson has written to Home Secretary Sajid Javid today saying : if Tommy is murdered or injured in prison he and others will mount a private prosecution against Mr Javid as an accessory, or for misconduct in public office.”
    Gerard Batten MEP – Twitter – May 27, 2018

      • This interview by TR of Lord Pearson was great; very insightful. Lord Pearson has a firm grasp of what’s at stake.
        Thank you for uploading this vid and the one below, of the UKIP leader, Gerard Batten — He’s a thoughtful man and believes firmly in the nation state and the threat to democracy that mass immigration poses. He’s got his finger, for sure, on the uniparty Labour/Conservative dominance that’s leading (forcing) Britain into an authoritarian state.

        I recommend that these vids be watched by everyone passing through here. Time is running out for the West — people had better start caring and paying attention before it’s too late. Only time will tell if the scales have already tipped too far toward the leftist orchestrated red/green axis terror which awaits this apathetic population — who can’t be bothered to get off the couch and go vote.

    • “1917 Bolshevik coup proves just how fragile civilisation is – Gerard Batten MEP”
      UKIP MEPs – Published on November 15, 2017

  6. Italy robbed of sovereignty, disgusting – Bannon

    Rome, May 28 – What has happned in Italy in the last 48 hours is “disgusting” but also “Fascist and anti-democratic”, former Trump strategist Steve Bannon said at a meeting in Rome Monday. “Foreign powers, capital and media took away Italy’s sovereignty,” he said.
    Pointing the finger at the “Davos globalist party,” Bannon said premier-designate Carlo Cottarelli was “another IMF technocrat”.

    Italy: Bannon warns Rome against ‘sovereignty crisis’

    Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon said that “foreign powers, capital and media” placed Italy in a “crisis of sovereignty,” speaking in Rome on Monday.

    “Italy is in a crisis, a crisis of sovereignty. And this was not brought on by the Italian people. This is brought on by the party of Davos, foreign powers, foreign capital and foreign media,” Bannon told the audience.

    Bannon pointed out that Italy’s “attempt to put together a left and right populist government is enormous, ” in reference to the duo agreement between leaders of League party and the Five Star Movement.

    Bannon’s address comes following a growing political crisis in Rome as the country was plunged into a constitutional crunch. The attempt of the would-be coalition parties Five Stars Movement and League to form a cabinet failed after the country’s president Sergio Mattarella did not accept their Eurosceptic Paolo Savona as economy minister.

  7. More knife bloodshed on Britain’s streets as ‘happy-go-lucky’ boy, 15, and 17-year-old are both stabbed to death within 24 hours of each other (dailymail, May 28, 2018)

    “Two teenagers have been stabbed to death within days of each other as Britain’s knife crime bloodshed continues.

    Louis-Ryan Menezes, 17, from Rothwell, Northampton, was fatally wounded after he was attacked on Friday.

    Police have today released two images of the youngster as they say they are ‘making positive progress’ with their inquiries.

    His death came just a day after Samuel Baker, 15, died from knife wounds when he was attacked in the Lowedges area of Sheffield on Thursday…”

  8. Hungarian PM Says ‘First Priority’ is Demographics: Rejects Mass Migration, Pledges to Support Mothers, Families (breitbart, May 28, 2018)

    “Hungary’s Viktor Orbán has announced that birth rates and demographics will be his top priority following a triumphant re-election, with mass migration rejected in favour of policies supporting Hungarian mothers.

    “My first priority as something we’re all aware of, something we all know, yet something that during our everyday struggles we rarely concern ourselves with, because its long-term nature means that it doesn’t dominate people’s thinking. This is the societal phenomenon called demography,” said the Fidesz leader in an interview with Kossuth Radio, a transcript of which has been seen by Breitbart London.

    Prime Minister Orbán told the broadcaster that demographics was, fundamentally, “about the following: how many children are born to Hungarian women; how many children we raise together; whether there will be a Hungarian future; whether the Hungarian nation will survive biologically and numerically; what we must do to stop the decline we clearly see in this area; and what we must do to change the fact that we have more funerals than christenings.”

    The issue of falling birthrates is far from unique to Hungary, plaguing much of Europe, North America, and the Western world.

    However, most of Orbán’s contemporaries are attempting to tackle it by importing vast numbers of migrants from the Global South while the native population continues to shrink — a strategy some experts have denounced a Ponzi scheme, as the newcomers will eventually grow old themselves.

    Prime Minister Orbán said his new government would soon be launching a “major family policy action plan, which will be preceded by a national consultation on starting families and raising children,” adding: “We don’t want to exclude men from this consultation, but essentially we’ll be seeking the opinions of ladies.”

    His goal is that, by 2030, Hungary will “become a country which is able to sustain its own population level, to reproduce itself. To put it plainly, we want a country where the number of children being born is at least as high as the number of people departing this life.”

    He said he would seek to achieve this by casting aside the globalist values of what he called “liberal democracy”, which has “become hollow”, in favour of a modern form of “Christian democracy”.

    “There are, of course, other cultures in a society; and as we’re tolerant people there’s room for them,” Orbán explained. “But all the same our lives have a foundational culture which needs to be protected – and this is Christian culture.”

    The “utterly failed” system of liberal democracy rejects this notion, in the Hungarian leader’s view, and consequently “does not provide an answer to the question of what we should do about migration – or if it does provide one, it in no way defends us against migration, but rather supports it, regards it as something natural and positive, and promotes its realisation.

    “It doesn’t defend the borders, because it doesn’t recognise the need for borders, and doesn’t recognise that they must be retained and strengthened.

    “It doesn’t protect us in the sphere of families, because liberal democracy doesn’t strengthen families: it maintains that there are many varieties of family, there are many varieties of lifestyle, and we mustn’t make distinctions between them… One of the consequences of this is that we are living through a period of demographic decline,” he warned.

    Prime Minister Orbán appeared to anticipate that the European Union establishment, which is vigorously opposed to his anti-mass migration stance, would attempt to thwart his domestic programme, despite its resounding endorsement in recent national elections — and indicated that his government would be pursuing new constitutional amendments and regulations “capable of repelling attacks from Brussels”.

    “We stand on the foundations of sovereignty, and Brussels cannot take Hungary’s sovereignty away from us,” he vowed.”

  9. “Tel Aviv Israel outside UK Embassy #FreeTommy Tommy Robinson Protest”
    Brian London – Published on May 28, 2018

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