CBC Vs. reality on George Soros

The Nazi communist behind most of the world’s problems right now, the one who broke the Bank of England, the one who assisted the Nazis in WW2 and countless other large scale horrors he either orchestrated or participated in, and who made the most cynical excuse for it since “Work will Set You Free”, specifically that “If I didn’t do it someone else would”, is featured recently by CBC. What prompted CBC’s attack is that Hungary has created conditions which made it unfavourable for Soros’ enterprises to remain in Hungary, so he packed up and moved them to Berlin.

That alone tells us a great deal about what Soros is up to.

Lets see what they have to say about him:

Anyone who has enough antiemetics to make it through the audio portion of the article please leave your impressions in the comments. But one can tell from the print portion, as well as the few comments the CBC allowed through, what their agenda is and how this article is crafted to a very finely tailored narrative.

Lets do something the CBC hans’t done since the 60s. Actually examine the facts and the other side to see what might actually be the cause of the event. Namely Soros packing up his postmodern/Marxist operations and leaving Hungary voluntarily. Could it be that new rules demanding transparency of financial dealings made it problematic for Soros who is already caught up in a number of scandals involving tax avoidance and other issues such as weaponization of cash against nation states?

Do they mention that Israel formed a tight bond with the V4, and especially Hungary around several issues, one of which is that Soros is persona non grata in Israel as well for his actions against the state of Israel? Does CBC mention that Hungary, so allegedly racist and anti-democratic, is possibly the only country in the world that does not need security at Synagogues?

Voice of Europe: 

Viktor Orban successfully ‘removes’ Soros’s Open Society Foundations from Hungary

“Faced with an increasingly repressive political and legal environment in Hungary,” the Open Society Foundations (OSF) are moving their Budapest-based international operations and staff to Berlin, the foundation wrote in its statement on Tuesday.

The decision to move operations out of Budapest comes as the Hungarian government prepares to impose further restrictions on nongovernmental organizations through what it has branded its “Stop Soros” package of legislation, the statement reads. According to the Hungarian government, the aim of the legislative package is to ensure the transparency of foreign-funded NGOs and restrict the operation of those who support illegal immigration.

OH! So the new legislation, which prompted Soros to haul ass voluntarily to Berlin was actually because he does not want to disclose financials about what he is really doing! Does the CBC mention that at all?

ZeroHedge: (Not my favorite source, but they do get a lot of stuff right)

After closing its Budapest office last month, Open Society, the purportedly philanthropic organization created to push a liberal, globalist political agenda espoused by billionaire investor George Soros, said Tuesday that it has officially pulled out of Hungary after accusing Prime Minister Viktor Orban of “repressing civil society,” according to the WSJ.


“Faced with an increasingly repressive political and legal environment in Hungary, the Open Society Foundations are moving their Budapest-based international operations and staff to the German capital, Berlin,” the group confirmed on Tuesday.


Patrick Gaspard, the president of the Open Society Foundations, lashed out at Hungary’s government, accusing it of “denigrating and misrepresenting our work,” while repressing civil society “for the sake of political gain.”


Soros attributed his decision to leave Hungary, the country where he was born, to the ruling Fidesz party’s push to pass a bill known as the “Stop Soros” plan. The bill would place new restrictions on non-governmental organizations found to be meddling in the country’s political affairs. The billionaire investor has criticized the law as anti-Semitic.


Open Society previously said it will move its Hungary operations to Berlin.

Soros, playing the antisemitism card, has to be the most cynical thing since his fellow Nazis wrote “Work will set you free” above the gates of a slave labour and death camp.

Possibly alongside, “Diversity is our strength”.





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12 Replies to “CBC Vs. reality on George Soros”

  1. Thank you for examining this. You’ve identified the salient point. Disclosing financials does more damage than simply revealing the foreign source of funneled monies. It obliterates the Soros altruistic narrative that hides behind pretty words such as “Open Society” and “Civil Society.” And more pointedly it destroys the fallacy that Soros causes are grassroots movements merely in need of his friendly help. These “movements” are,in fact, non-governmental devices designed to subvert nationhood and historical reality.

  2. As I read the article I was wondering how much money Soros had to pay to get that favorable coverage?

    On Zero Hedge, yes they do get some things right, we are reaching a point where we are finding questionable sources the most reliable as long as we check their info and can find at least one (preferably more) sources that aren’t referring back to the questionable source.

  3. Soros must give up his plan to ruin his homeland for the time being. He is said to have already worked with the Nazis as a collaborator.

    “Cosmopolitan” Berlin will be happy: There are thousands of antisocial “associations” who are happy to accept money from him to make their work of destruction against Europe even more effective.

    Yesterday I watched videos by Graham Phillips from 2016, even the socialist Danes closed the border to their big mad neighbour out of fear.

  4. I can already hear the hysterical gasping of the invasion advocates: “Cops are killers!” They will make a huge media hype out of it again, which should make the Europeans feel guilty.


    Even if the daily murders and rapes of the own population by muslims and other thirdworlders are no longer mentioned, because they have become too “everyday” and one has become “accustomed” to the horror, so that no one no longer pays attention to it.

  5. I always wondered why the yews didn’t resist.

    I do not wondering about this question any more.

    I now, know why!

    Through long indoctrination and threats; they where weakened and had no defenses left.

    Maybe it reminds you of your life right now, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

    Do you want to go quite into the night or do you want to resist and give it a fight?

    ”Sabaton – The Final Solution”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnRqqCBODXs

    P.S: George Soros might have been a boy in the nazis grip. But now he’s a man. And a man has to stand up for his actions.

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