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6 Replies to “For the first time, the German government is formally questioned about migrant policies in Parliament. Check out the response”

  1. Wow. Channelling Trudeau seems to be the fashion of all blabbering libtards. Only thing she missed was saying “…Going forward…” about five hundred times.

  2. Richard, dissimulation is taught in the West in all liberal arts 101 classes by socialist post-modernist profs. Of course, the children of super socialists/neo marxists get it in their mother’s milk.

    • Do they actually understand that in a sharia state, and especially one with NO west left to parasitize(not impossible) nor western MSM to lie to and to pretend to there will be NO liberals, No Marxists and No socialists and postmodernism will not even exist as there will be no books, no art and no music left to explain it and most certainly no politics other than that of sharia? Post-modernism is cultural suicide by another name.

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