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21 Replies to “Please watch this stunning exchange between a Canadian MP and Trudeau’s Somali-born minister for migration”

  1. Canadians voted these clowns in and are getting what they deserve. Pity the young girls who will suffer mutilation through no fault of their own.

  2. The somali didn’t actually answer a single question because he didn’t want the public to know that the Somalis won’t give up FGM. They follow the sunnah of mohammed and their attitude shows that they think the disgusting practice is obligatory according to the sharia, when it’s also just recommended . What they don’t know is that FGM seems to be a practice carried over from ancient Egypt, therefore, it would be from the age of ignorance, jahiliyah.

    My question to them is: if allah gave the woman a clitoris, who do they think they are to cut if out? Higher than their god?

  3. It does not seem possible that FGM can be supported by these scumbags to this degree in a country like Canada! How did things ever get this bad??

    • How did things ever get this bad??

      Look no further than “über-Feminist” Germaine Greer and her objection to outlawing FGM as “an attack on cultural identity”. As the article notes:

      “[Greer’s] Equating the forcible clitoridectomy of an eight-year-old girl with the voluntary body-piercing of an American teenager is absurd.

      There is no small coincidence in how so many Liberals equate primitiveness with authenticity. Look at their preference for “world music” over classical compositions. Old Masters are pushed aside for the daubings of some illiterate goatherd. Who needs da Vinci when there’s taggers from da ‘hood?

      This is a direct byproduct of elevating Multiculturalism and diversity over genuine assimilation. Any throwback tribalist suddenly is mantled with the sanctity of Constitutional protections regardless of whether or not their belief system may contain such anti-civilizational tenets as … oh, I don’t know … jihad maybe?!?

      Seeing as how Islamic jihad is given such a glaring pass in the West—especially when it is Koranically mandated for all able-bodied Muslims—letting FGM slide under radar doesn’t seem like such a big leap anymore, now does it?

      • How about the fact the progressives don’t believe in objective truth, objective good and evil. So Bach versus some nobody from the jungles of Chicago, what’s the difference, other than a subjective one? Apples and oranges. They cannot or will not make a statement such as “A is objectively better than B”: that would go against their ideology.

          • If A is the product of a primitive culture they will claim it is superior to B from the civilized culture.

            My point entirely. This is why so many Liberals have ZERO problem with open borders, “Just think of all the enrichment!”

  4. Any form of clitoridectomy represents felony sexual assault and deserves mandatory sentencing guidelines that prohibit any plea bargaining or early release.

    Ahmed Hussen’s circumlocution and evasiveness equates to tacit support for FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). Hussen’s personal views are absolutely pertinent and the lack of direction from the Prime Minister’s office on this vital health topic is intolerable.

    FGM is a binary issue. Just as there is no “just a little bit pregnant, there is no leeway on the matter of maintaining the intactness of any woman’s sexual anatomy. Full stop. There are no “shades of gray”.

    Ahmed Hussen’s unwillingness to take an unequivocally decisive position about this can only be construed as unspoken support for this barbaric practice. He deserves both official censure and immediate ejection from office for it.

    • FGM exemplifies the Islamic attitude towards women, to them women aren’t human beings with thoughts and feelings of their own. By removing the capability of the woman having any pleasure in sex they are reducing them to “things” that are for mans pleasure and for producing the next generation. The women have no purpose beyond the two functions mentioned above. Since this is a central part of the Islamic culture they can’t give any ground on the issue and maintain their hold on all of the people they have forced into their cult.

  5. That lying Somali is obviously on the other side. What a taqiyya-storm. What “wide range of groups” has he been talking to other than the one run by the Muslim Brotherhood? The fact that everybody can’t immediately spot an enemy agent like that when he so obviously is one is truly distressing. It’s as if some blond-haired guy in an SS uniform was sitting in the front row of the crowded Synagogue pointing around with his Luger and shouting “Heil Hitler!”, and nobody thought it the least bit strange. Unbelievable. When will we wake up…?

  6. The very fact “Canada” has a Somali-born minister in charge of anything is how we fast-track to 3rd world existence.

    I completely understand how under the Pact of Omar that informed the Sharia, non-Muhammadans (because they believe in a “different” god) as disallowed from holding any position that influences the nation in any way; and non-Muhammadans are forbidden from having a position of authority over Muhammadans.

    That’s why, like Dr Bill Warner suggests, we need the reverse Sharia for Muhammadans.

    • This is a good idea, and one that will probably be implemented during the war of survival that historians will call WWIII.

      I can’t remember the name of the author or the book (actually one novel and several short stories) about a time when the Moslems in the west are all forced into walled ghettos and are let out only under carefully controlled conditions. I don’t remember much more about the book but that is another solution that may be tried.

    • Minister in charge of rounding-up natives for the slavers is culturally appropriate for certain Africans. I suppose facilitating the hijrah is an extension of that traditional role.

      Canadian taxpayers ought to object. They’ll be paying for treatment of myriad complications from this barbaric practice. Dollars-&-cents logic: Get the numbers, publicize them.

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