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3 Replies to “AfD member speaks to legislature about chaotic immigration, and Germany’s needs”

  1. How many times must it be said? Not all human capital is equal. How many out of one million are an asset to Germany and how many are a permanent liability? The West has everything to lose and nothing to gain with such an immigration policy.

  2. Leftwingism is a mental disease of the human problem-solving mechanism. The leftist’s diseased brain identifies a problem, determines the most logical solution, then sets out to do the exact opposite of whatever that correct solution might be because it makes them look oh-so-clever and superior to the mundane masses. They do this because they are all precocious children who have never outgrown their immature need to appear smarter than everybody else by stating the opposite of what is true and then proving that they’re right and you’re too dumb to see it. They are all sophists – the swindlers in the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes…

    Every day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year there are deadly terrorist attacks in the world perpetrated by Sunni Muslim extremists. These daily Sunni attacks are totally fucking up the harmony of the planet Earth and obviously should be stopped as soon as possible, but the leftists in their cleverness call that “racism” and insist on increasing the number of Sunnis we bring into the country and object any time a vetting process is called for. That’s their solution to the problem – the exact opposite of the correct solution.

    The leftists claim to be for the poor, then they insist on bringing countless unskilled people in from Third World countries to compete with our poor for the lowest-paid jobs. That only makes sense to someone from Bizarro World – or a leftist. To anyone with a functioning brain that immigration policy is obviously downright cruel to our lowest-income workers, and yet the left are always so enthusiastically for it.

    One could go on and on. Did you know that up is actually down? Did you know that red is actually green? Oh, yes, my little leftist is so gifted… Did you know that when you’re thirsty the worst thing you can do is drink water? Did you know that prosperity and peace are actually a bad thing…? Did you know that when you kill a terrorist the terrorists actually win?

    Remember when Ariana Grande had a bunch of her fans murdered right in front of her and her only reaction was to say, “I’m not going to let ‘hate’ win”? Really, Ariana? You don’t feel even the slightest animosity toward the Muslims who just murdered those kids? Oh, what a clever and superior little leftist you must be, Ariana, in order to see so much more clearly than a stupid conservative like me, who would swear eternal vengeance upon those Sunni Muslim murderers and would hate them to the day I died. I’m obviously too stupid to be a leftist…

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