Germany: Deadline To Form New Government Near – Negotiations Cancelled Over “Refugees”

Party leaders Angela Merkel (CDU), Christian Lindner (FDP) and Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP) at coalition negotiations

Germany – The deadline is just hours away, but Merkel’s CDU/CSU, Greens and FDP have cancelled their negotiations at 4:30 in the morning local time.

The F.A.Z. is speaking of “massive” differences.

If a new government is not formed by Friday, new elections might be pending. The CDU/CSU saw the worst results in their history ever at the recent German Bundestag election. To obtain the necessary majority to form a government, but still be able to ostracize the AfD, Merkel chose the FDP and the Greens as partners.

The Greens reportedly are making only the slightest concessions on topics like coal power stations, taxation of Diesel cars, etc., while demanding that to accommodate them for these concessions, the CSU should meet them in the “refugee” issue, particularly in “family reunification”.

“Family reunification” under its current regulation is estimated to bring between 1-2 million more Syrians into Germany in 2018.

Polls show that the majority of Germans, especially women, reject this prospect. But hundreds of thousands of “family reunification” visas have already been granted. CSU and FDP demand to suspend “family reunification”. But the Greens comment that the right to a family was a basic human right, “of course not just for German families”. So family reunification is “a core issue” for them.

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