About Islamic views on child rape

There is a renewed interest on the orders the Obama admin gave to soldiers in Afghanistan concerning the treatment of Afghan locals who raped and even murdered young kidnapped boys. These two video clips should give some clarity.

Watch it while you are allowed.


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7 Replies to “About Islamic views on child rape”

  1. Every where there is an Arabicized culture there is child rape, this culture has been brought to the West and we are seeing the result in the increased number of children that are raped by the Islamic Invaders.

    Changing their culture won’t happen until we take the same attitude the Brits did about the burning of live widows. The hung the people who burned the women and we need to do something like this to the Child Rapists.

    • That was what the ancient Romans did when they found a cult that made human sacrifices. I don’t think this is politically feasible right now but it is something to keep in mind.

  2. I saw this video several years ago.
    Pederasty of children is ingrained in their culture. The extended video of this culture really proves it.
    They WILL NOT walk onto magic dirt and change their ways. They will just bring it with them.
    Why oh why don’t people see this?
    Of all the pathologies that the west currently has; drug addiction, gun violence, domestic abuse… Why do we need to import this?

    • Yes it is ingrained in their culture, and has been there for so long it is probably impossible to remove without removing the entire culture. As to why we need to import this culture? So the Post Modernists can destroy Western Civilization, bring about a new Dark Age and (in their minds) take over to create a socialist utopia that we would call a living hell.

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