More enrichment news from Germany

An Original translation by Egri Nok with much thanks!

From the critically important German news site: PI News

In the small Austrian State Burgenland, Caritas (European “charity”) alone runs 22 acommodations for benefit-seekers who illegally pushed into the country. Accordingly, the state capital Eisenstadt is enriched with mostly young, male misery.

One of the precious raw black diamonds, for reasons unknown at this point, lay down last week on one of the much-frequented roads of the city, armed with a piece of wood, and blocked traffic.

A passer-by, who seemingly had tried to help, without success, filmed the scene. The police then stopped the dangerous madness and carried the resisting man off the street.

The well-fed fully-supplied (with benefits) fellow was probably under the influence. We should understand that, put up with it, and if possible, don’t mention it. Probably it was just an isolated case™ anyway.

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      • Absolutely. It’s because “Austria” (and all the others) could whitewash
        themselves as “pure victims” and point at Germany as the chief culprit.

        But most antisemitic Nazis were Austrians, every historian knows it.
        In the end: If there were no Hitler, Germany would have lost no war.

      • Some “Austrians”:

        Adolf Hitler, Otto Skorzeny, Kurt Waldheim, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Aribert Heim, Arthur Seyss-Inquart, Karl Maria Wiligut, Odilo Globocnik, Heinrich Harrer, Alois Brunner, Amon Göth, Franz Stangl, Otto Wächter, Franz Augsberger, Hans Karl Breslauer, Franz Böhme, Sylvester Stadler, Anton Reinthaller, Edmund Glaise-Horstenau, Walter Riehl, Gustav Schwarzenegger, Karl Silberbauer, Hugo Bernatzik, Hermann Neubacher, Josef Leopold, Alfred Frauenfeld, Franz Langoth, Theodor Vahlen, Walter Pfrimer, Maria Mandel, Hanns Albin Rauter, Alfred Proksch, Ernst Lerch, Franz Hofer, Friedrich Rainer, Anton Rintelen, August Eigruber, Heinrich Barbl, Hans Krebs, Siegfried Uiberreither, Maximilian Grabner, Therese Brandl, Johann Nelböck, Hermann Höfle, Hubert Klausner, Otto Höfler, Otto Hofmann, Gustav Wagner, Hans Knirsch, Hans Fischböck, Hugo Jury, Wladimir Von Pawlowski, Herbert von Karajan, Konrad Lorenz…

        • I hardly know any of the names in the list, but Konrad Lorenz is a damn sight better than Skinner was. Skinner is the postmodernist behaviourist that has done countless damage to the world by his frank BS.

          But Lorenz actually was a science based behavioural biologist who was perhaps a direct precursor to Dawkins and Pinker.

  1. Insolation patterns aside, we all know how urban German streets make the very finest tanning salons.

    And from all appearances, goodness knows that this particular specimen of recent economic tourism desperately needs to work on his tan. Clearly, his melanin count is totally below par!

    All the same, it might be far more energy-efficient for all of those LEED Obsessed Deutsch watermelons—green on the outside and red (seedless, too!) on the inside—to finally consider the immense power savings represented by using “canned sunshine“.

    Every last one of these very newest “visitors” could remain in their (home) country of origin and still get the same exact same, high-quality tan at no extra cost! After all, what’s not to like?!?

    Don’t these terribly confused individuals deserve a chance to get the least expensive and very finest bronzing?!?

    It would be churlish of us (so-advantaged-types) in the West to deny these deprived sorts of people such an inexpensive, unparalleled, rapid delivery, of in-home, salon quality, skin-tone enhancement.

    Why, oh, why can’t Western militaries and their respective politicians finally realize how important it is to provide these vital cosmetic treatments where they are most needed?!? Just think of the savings to be had by eliminating all of these unnecessary travel costs and billing arrangements!

    So, let’s please consider discouraging any further migratory efforts by these unfortunately disadvantaged, melanin-deprived types. We have the ability to furnish them with the most up-to-date tanning solutions imaginable – right in their own home towns! We would be thoughtlessly harsh brutes to deprive them of this advanced Western technology!

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