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9 Replies to “A Muslim in Germany has an honesty tantrum”

  1. That Muslim understood his religion perfectly and expressed himself with crystal clarity. The guy with the mike understood what was happening and just stuck the mike in the Muslim’s face and let him make his case for him. Perfect! And every word he spoke was perfectly true within the context of Islam and anyone who believes what he believes would be saying the exact same thing with the same level of intensity. What he sounded like was a thoroughly indoctrinated member of the Hitler Youth raving about the Fatherland and the Jews and the great destiny of a great people under a great leader with a great philosophy.

    I would pay a great deal of money to see Peter Mansbridge and Justin Trudeau view that video and then have the nerve to say that ‘everything is fine, nothing to see here, bring in another couple of million.’ The inescapable fact is that there are literally millions of guys just like that Muslim who feel the exact same way and they are all eager to fight to the death over it. The guy isn’t crazy or evil any more than Osama bin Laden was. He actually believes what he is saying and “knows” that he is doing the right thing. He is a moral man fighting a moral cause, not a criminal or a madman. He has to either be locked up, deported, or killed…

  2. The Moslem was a very good example of what Islam is really like, but what struck me was the way the Germans were fighting back telling him he was wrong, they weren’t backing off but fighting back. There is hope for Germany freeing itself from the domination of the Islamic Invaders and the Quisling Merkel.

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