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3 Replies to “AfD “Islam does not belong to Germany””

  1. Same in Switzerland ;


    The lawyer Addor, politician of the right-wing opposition (the only right-wing party in Switzerland is the UDC, the whole press is leftists, who spend their time assimilating the people of UDC, fascist / Nazi / xenophobic).
    As there was a killing in a mosque between Kosovars, Addor posted the tweet, “ON RE-REDEMAND” as gag.
    It should be noted that Switzerland has granted asylum from the former Yugoslavia,to 50,000 Muslims, currently they are 500,000 (minimum) and they are overrepresented in our prisons, in crime.

  2. I’m a total fan of Beatrix von Storch. While, thanks to Merkel, Clinton, Gillard etc. I have gone off women in political leader positions, they do have some formidable female talent in the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) with whom the Merkel-Coquettery does not work.

    They have some really good men too! But, unfortunately, the Nietzschean Herd will vote this Mother Terrorista in again on 24. 9. 2017, unless this wish comes through:


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