Interview with Michael Stürzenberger on his 6 month jail sentence for posting historical fact

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12 Replies to “Interview with Michael Stürzenberger on his 6 month jail sentence for posting historical fact”

  1. Collaborators of Nazism have to be tracked out. Is the court siding with collaborating Islamic group? The picture is a historical fact, the content of journalist is essentially anti Nazi and their collaborators. Court by its action is sending a message of support for the facist ideology..strange but that’s what it is.

  2. Get rid of gestapo muckle she’s intent on ruining all EU the German people must be nuts for keeping her in power. She was the number one reason for Brexit.

  3. Wow . Bavarian justice is really something else…..(than justice?) . They DO have lerned their lesson from the third reich and the stalinist era . That is nothing but a political sentence handed out by deaf , dumb and blind servants to the establishment . I wouldn’t trust those judges to know their arses from their elbows .

  4. Letter from Germany
    The real problem here in Germany is the angloamerican brainwashing. We have to much of this Gutmensch illness . You can´t build up a democratic modern state with a majority of Moslem. Its an ideology of dump stupidity. On the other hand Merkel like Adolf Hitler is not working for Germany, she was turned 1989 from the DDR Stasi to the CIA. Today she is on the payroll of Killary Clinton @ Mafiosi. In Britain the people are much more racists than in today’s Germany but Merkel was the drop to much in their glass water, so she triggered brexit. May “Good” hold the hands about Canada, because from the south there is coming nothing good and preserve your nature.

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