Creator of The People’s Cube, faces 5 YEARS JAIL for anti-terror posters

This is a much more important story than most that you will find on the MSM this week. Please help make people aware of it.

Write up at The Rebel here:

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5 Replies to “Creator of The People’s Cube, faces 5 YEARS JAIL for anti-terror posters”

  1. After the hearing, the arresting officer triumphantly informed Oleg that he and his cohort were forbidden from returning to the campus…which obviously bars Oleg from photographing evidence that the locations of his posters – after removal – there remains no evidence of destruction of property.
    FWIW, Northern Virginia, Fairfax in particular is a notorious Islamophilic cesspool.

  2. It is important to note that the glue used on the posters was ‘wheat glue’: this is simply a mixture of flour and water.

    It is a very temporary glue, which will dissolve with the first rain, and does not damage the surface of whatever it was that the poster was pasted on.

    The very use of this ‘wheat paste’ glue demonstrates that Oleg & friend took great care to make sure there was no damage or destruction of property.

    • Great! So, three years from now when the case finally draws to a close he will be found not guilty. Left wingers can march down the middle of the street screaming “Dead cops! When do we want ’em”? Now!” all day long but a conservative, careful that he does no damage to property, puts up a poster at a university and they throw the book at him.

      Would a new Attorney General be able to do something about this kind of thing? The left has become a lot like those ’50s jurors who never convicted a white man of killing a negro, no matter what the evidence said. Something bad has to happen to the President of this university. He’s not even trying to be fair. Things are descending into all-out war…

      • First the goal isn’t to get a conviction although the left would love one, it is to cause the man to spend enormous amounts of money defending himself. This is a for of lawfare that the Monarchs of Europe used on people they hated but couldn’t prove that they had committed any crime. keep charging them with crimes until they were broke.

        Second the left has been engaged in open war against the conservatives and other patriots for decades, they are just becoming more overt in what they are doing. The more overt they are in their attacks on those who oppose their goals the sooner we start fighting back.

  3. You can loot, burn, assault and even murder if you are a lib, but, if you aren’t, you are the one they are looting, burning, assaulting and murdering.

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