German authorities evict hundreds of leftist squatters to make room for illegal migrants


Many of these people are reportedly members of ANTIFA.

This is not the first time their squats have been cleared out to make way for the people they called us all racist for opposing. But it never gets old.

The leftists decided to light the night with burning other people’s cars as a response

More tomorrow when we get it translated. For the moment, Egri Nok tells us that these are ANTIFA who have been evicted from a squat to make room for migrants and they rioted and burned cars as a consequence.

A similar thing happened in March which we reported here. 



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8 Replies to “German authorities evict hundreds of leftist squatters to make room for illegal migrants”

  1. Britain has walked away from the rest of Europe….No more unfettered immigration, no more ghastly European courts of human rights stopping us from deporting disgusting Islamists…The British people have ignored the ruling classes, and created their own destiny free from the E.U.

  2. 1. There is some nearly poetic justice in the fact that Merkel’s Brownshirts (the Antifa and assorted “welcome-culture-thugs”) are getting thrown out of their illegally occupied lairs to make place for her imported allah-u-akbarist occupiers: she has obviously chosen islamic over native German occupation.

    What I feel right now, besides a deep, angry sadness for Germany is also a healthy dose of Schadenfreude.

    2. Brexit: the propaganda media for the “remain submitted to EU” side (including in Australia) was shamelessly lying about what kind of “immigrants” were the reason for English folk to finally revolt against the dictatorship of this corrupt EU Goliath. They named the people (soi-disant targetted by the Brexit side) as coming from Poland, from France and from other civilised European countries. Not even the most discreet mention of muslim/jihadi occupation of London/UK. Then they elaborated how these French/Polish/German young migrants were a) young, ergo did not need their health services, b) worked, did not need their social services and c) educated and hence part of Western civilisation.

    I thought the best strategy for the Brexit camp was to show just a picture of Merkel and ask the rhetorical question if they really, REALLY wanted to belong to her club.

  3. Britain has shown the way for the European nations to regain their freedom, will the other European nations follow or choose to remain serfs to the EU bureaucrats.

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