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  1. Number of Refugees Arrested for Terror Higher than Reported
    It isn’t Islamophobic to recognize the intersection between national security and immigration and make proper adjustments to reflect reality.

    New data from the Senate Judiciary Committee reveals that 40 refugees have been arrested on terrorism-related charges since 9/11; a number far higher than the State Department’s previous estimate of a dozen.

    Clarion Project reported in November 2015 that a little-noticed poll showed that 13% of Syrian refugees express favorable feelings towards the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL). The Obama Administration plans to resettle between 8,000 and 10,000 Syrian refugees by the end of this year. It is about half way towards that goal, having resettled about 4,000.

    The new congressional numbers show that 580 individuals have been convicted on terrorism-related charges since 9/11, with 131 convictions happening since early 2014 when ISIS burst onto the scene.

    Of the 580, at least 40 are refugees (a little less than 7 percent of the total) and 380 are foreign-born (65.5% of the total). The top countries of origin are Pakistan (by far), followed far behind by Somalia, Yemen, Colombia and Iraq.

    The convicts are most commonly associated with Al-Qaeda or one of its branches. The second most common allegiance is to Hezbollah, followed by the Colombian FARC narco-terrorist group; Hamas; Lashker-a-Taiba; the Taliban (if you combine the Afghan and Pakistani branches); the Tamil Tigers; the United Self-Defense Forces of Columbia; ISIS and Jaish-e-Mohammed.

  2. How Brexit Will Change America and the World
    Britain is free of global government. America can be next.

    Yesterday the British people stood up for their freedom. Today the world is a different place.

    Celebrities and politicians swarmed television studios to plead with voters to stay in the EU. Anyone who wanted to leave was a fascist. Economists warned of total collapse if Britain left the European Union. Alarmist broadcasts threatened that every family would lose thousands of pounds a year if Brexit won.

    Even Obama came out to warn Brits of the economic consequences of leaving behind the EU.

    Every propaganda gimmick was rolled out. Brexit was dismissed, mocked and ridiculed. It was for lunatics and madmen. Anyone who voted to leave the benevolent bosom of the European Union was an ignorant xenophobe who had no place in the modern world. And that turned out to be most of Britain.

  3. Has the EU learnt NOTHING? MEP calls for even GREATER expansion and controls for Europe (express, June 24, 2016)

    “EUROPE appears to have learnt nothing from Brexit, with two of the EU’s leading figures calling for even GREATER expansion of the EU and more control over its member states.

    German MEP Elmar Brok, chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs, denigrated the democratic decision of the British people to leave.

    He said: “Unfortunately it seems that a mood shaped by lies and slander has won over factual arguments.”

    In an interview with Berliner Zeitung, he called for even greater powers for the EU. He said: “We have to reform the Union and deepen it.”

    Mr Brok also demanded “closer cooperation” between member states.

    He said: “Europe isn’t the problem. Citizens don’t complain about the EU regulating too much…we have to strengthen the EU the way it exists today.”

    His attitude was echoed by a top EU commissioner who claimed that the relentless expansion of Europe will not be stopped by Britain’s exit.

    The astonishing remarks were made today by Johannes Hahn, commissioner for European neighbourhood policy and enlargement negotiations.

    Speaking at a conference on European integration in Vienna, he said: “The EU is still committed to the enlargement, there is no doubt about it – we are continuing the work that we have started, which is by far not complete.”

    We should not become “tired or desperate” after Thursday’s referendum in the UK, said Mr Hahn.

    He added: “We are aware, and have been before that the process of enlargement is something that requires time, and therefore I prefer to speak about a process rather than about negotiations.”…..”

    • The left never retreats, if they are facing a problem bigger government is always their solution, they never learn that their actions are fueling the campaign to destroy the EU and socialism.

  4. Calais mayor threatens to send ‘Jungle’ to Dover in Brexit row (express, June 24, 2016)

    “The MAYOR of Calais has threatened to send the migrant Jungle camp across the Channel to Dover by backing out of the Le Touquet treaty.

    Natacha Bouchart has urged the French government to immediately begin renegotiating the treaty, which allows British border police and officials to operate in the French port.

    These officers frequently catch migrants attempting to stow away on trucks and lorries in order to make it through the Chunnel to Britain.

    Removing them from the transport hub could result in huge numbers of unmonitored people making their way to Dover, where a new camp could emerge….”

    • The base problem is that the left has taught people to depend in the government for everything, then they spend a lot of time and money attacking the people who actually work. This problem will take decades to correct before things return to the historical norm.

  5. Al Qaeda: Orlando Shooter Should Have Targeted Whites (nbcnews, June 24, 2016)

    “An al Qaeda franchise is praising Orlando gunman Omar Mateen — but chiding him for targeting gay Latinos instead of straight whites.

    A snarky public statement purportedly released by Inspire, the online magazine of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, says that by mowing down 49 people at a gay nightclub full of Latinos instead of setting his sights on a crowd of “Anglo-Saxons,” Mateen muddled his message….”

  6. Polyamorous relationships may be the future of love (BBC, June 23, 2016)

    “… Polyamory does not feature in any census tick box but anecdotal evidence suggests that it is on the rise. Some are even calling for it to be recognised by law following the legalisation of gay marriage in the UK and the US. All this raises of the question of whether the future of love may be very different from our current conceptions of romance…”

    • To destroy Western Civilization they have to destroy the cultures, to do this they have to destroy the moral code the cultures are built around.

  7. Dozens of bomb sniffing dogs ‘killed by American security company in Kuwait after its contract with oil firm ended’ (dailymail, June 24, 2016)

    “Dozens of bomb sniffing dogs have been killed by an American security company after its contract with an oil firm ended, animal rights activists have claimed.

    Eastern Securities of Kuwait has been accused of murdering the dogs because they were no longer needed after its deal with Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) ran out.

    At least 24 dogs were slaughtered. Pictures of their dead bodies were posted on Facebook, including an image showing a worker standing on top of one of the canines.

    One horrifying picture shows the dead dogs piled up, while another shows two gloating workers standing over one of the animals.

    Animal rights campaigner Esmail Al Misri, who has called for the security firm to be prosecuted, told the Arab Times that 90 more dogs could be killed.

    He said workers killed the hounds because they had not been paid for two months after the firm’s contract with KNPC ended…”

  8. UK: “Trump’s not welcome here” – Scots rally against Trump visit to Glasgow golf resort

    Three coach loads of protesters travelled from Glasgow to the Trump Turnberry resort to join local protesters in a rally against the visit of presumed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Turnberry, Friday.

    Protesters carried placards slamming the controversial Republican presidential nominee, while chanting “Say it loud, say it clear, Donald Trump’s not welcome here.” Some protesters came in Mexican traditional dress while singing songs insulting Trump in Spanish, in reference to Trump’s alleged racist remarks against Mexicans.

    “I feel disgusted by Donald Trump coming to Scotland. I think the man is poison, he spreads hatred and division wherever he goes,” said one protester ,with another adding that “Scotland will not accept that.”

  9. Switzerland: UK remains bound by intnl refugee law despite Brexit – UN

    Spokesperson for the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) Adrian Edwards stated that despite the results of the UK’s Brexit referendum, “the United Kingdom remains bound by its obligations under domestic and international law, [and] International Refugee Law,” during a press briefing in Geneva on Friday.

    He underlined that the 1951 Refugee Convention still applies and still obligates the UK to follow its prescriptions. He stressed that “the outcome of the referendum doesn’t affect that.”

    • All they have to do is unsign the treaties. Also nothing in international laws says a nation has to commit cultural suicide by taking allowing uncontrolled immigration.

      Leftist dork.

  10. Anti-Hillary Occupy DNC Growing In Leaps & Bounds…

    TDC: Almost 30,000 people have now committed to an “Occupy DNC” protest against what they consider “a fraudulent Hillary nomination” during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next month.

    Approximately 10,000 of those protesters have joined within the last month, as it’s become increasingly clear that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. By the end of May the group had 20,000 protesters committed to their efforts.

    As of Wednesday afternoon, 28,683 people have committed to taking part in the protests.

    The group’s leaders have set up a Facebook group, titled Occupy DNC Convention, to organize the more mundane aspects of protesting like housing and transportation.

    The protesters are encouraged to read documents shared within the group. One document is titled “Civil Disobedience Training.” Another is titled “Health and Safety at Militant Actions” and includes tips on rendering first-aid and withstanding teargas.

    The protesters are also using the Facebook group to fundraise money to assist Bernie Sanders’ delegates with their transportation and housing costs. More

  11. BREITBART – Study: China Harvesting Organs from Tens of Thousands of Political Prisoners Annually

    Human rights researchers have published an updated study accusing China of conducting tens of thousands of organ transplants using the bodies of political prisoners without their consent. While the practice has been known to occur in the communist nation for decades, Beijing alleges that it long stopped harvesting organs from prisoners of conscience.[…]

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