Suspect sits in custody for murder

An Original translation by Nash Montana

From this German news site

Main suspect arrested in deadly attack on 17 year old German boy. The police call him “C” as in “A, B, C” (cause it is three suspects) and confirmed he was born in Italy. Look at the fine print, and the picture that leaked:

“According to chief prosecutor Faßbender, a witness unambiguously identified the 20 year old as the person who beat Niklas. „Also, all components of the description of the [perpetrator’s] person fit.“

Main suspect leans towards violence and denies the deed

Walid S. was born in Italy, Piacenza, but has moroccan roots. He has been living in Bonn for a few years. And: he is already known to the police for violent offenses!
During interrogation, the accused denied being involved in the deed.

Robin Faßbender: „But he got partially caught up in contradictions.“ Among others, he stated where he was during the time of the murder. We were already able to proove that false“, said Faßbender.

note by translator:

What is interesting to note is that after the Antifa riot at the dead teen’s memorial, the press, like F.A.Z. and Spiegel, reported right extremists (!) had hijacked the event and good citizens had protested the right extremists.

No mention of the Antifa excesses.

Yesterday (tuesday) the main suspect was arrested.
At the same time, this whole topic disappeared from the front pages of F.A.Z. and Spiegel, the Germany-wide opinion leaders. Like it never happened.

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