slamic State militants statement claims bomb downed EgyptAir from Paris


French authorities said earlier the plane crashed in southern Mediterranean and later remnants was found near Greek island


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  1. Egypt: Plane more likely missing due to ‘terror attack’ than technical failure – minister

    Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation Sherif Fathy said on Thursday that EgyptAir flight MS804 was more likely missing due to a “terror attack” than to technical failure.

    Speaking to the press from Cairo, Fathy also urged everyone involved to stick to the facts and avoid speculation on the causes behind the disappearance of the flight. Fathi, having had to cut his visit to Saudi Arabia short, returned to Cairo to address the incident.

  2. Is this the wreckage of Flight MS804? Images emerge as debris from EgyptAir jet is found off Greek island after it went into ‘sharp spin’ and fell 22,000ft in what was ‘almost certainly a terror attack’

    EgyptAir flight MS804 vanished over the Med at 00.30am GMT after leaving Paris at 9.09pm GMT on Wednesday
    Airline said contact was lost with plane 10 miles into Egyptian air space about 40 minutes before it was due to land
    Airbus A320 was flying at 37,000ft and did not make a distress call before it disappeared off radar, officials say
    There were 56 passengers on board including one Briton, 30 Egyptians, 15 French and one Canadian and 10 crew
    Major search operation underway as former air crash investigation chief says it is ‘very probably a terror attack’

  3. CNN – Security concerns at France’s airport raises questions

    The disappearance of EgyptAir Flight 804 has raised questions about employee security clearance at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.

  4. In terms of economic costs alone that we are paying for “diversity,” in must be BILLIONS in terms of security costs. The costs of defending general events where people used to have a good time with no thought of terrorism must have risen way above linear. In Chicago, they must be paying cops $$$$ in overtime when they run marathons. The Great and Powerful Obama must be having a good laugh doing everything he can to import Third-world hostiles into America.

  5. It’s agonizing to watch Barack Obama as he doddles around pretending to “degrade” “ISIL”. ISIS is the most horrible monster in the world and would not hesitate to deploy a weapon of mass destruction against us if they had it, but Obama just doesn’t seem to think they’re important for some reason. An Egyptian airliner today – what’s coming tomorrow? ISIS needs to be made dead. Now!

    An American leader has to put together an elite fighting force made up of special forces guys from around the world, give it a cool name and a cool general, and send them after the bad guys in a serious way. Why not Boko Haram while they’re at it? That’s what’s needed to happen for some time now. ISIS is too dangerous to let live. It’s like having a cobra in the basement. You can’t just go to bed and hope it’s gone when you get up. You have to go and deal with the thing before it kills somebody…

    • All of the evidence by this his actions, says Obama is a Moslem, probably a Shiite but still a Moslem. He doesn’t see the Islamic conquest as a bad thing but rather as something ordained by Allah.

      Look at all of his actions since he took office and then think about what the only logical reasons for all of them.

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