German citizens place ad against Merkel in Swiss newspaper because German newspapers refused to print it

An original translation by Egri Nök with much thanks.

From the Berlin Journal

Berlin Journal
Bürger schalten Anzeige gegen Merkel in der Schweiz
Michael Müller –
26. April 2016

Citizens place advertisement against Merkel in Switzerland

Page 2 of the Neue Züricher Zeitung of Monday shows a ½ page advertisement with the title “Merkel still cheating on. How long will this continue?” The authors criticise Merkel sharply. The German chancellor is portrayed as a smiling hat player

[translator’s note: This type of play is illegal in Germany].

The advertisement in the Swiss daily cost more than 16,000 Swiss Franks

[16,000 USD/20,000 CAD].

But it is not aimed at a Swiss, but at a German audience. The NZZ is widely read in Germany too. The text of the ad obviously aims at German citizens:

Merkel cheats on!
For how long?
This is how the sham looks:

With the EU-Turkey-Treaty, Chancellor Merkel tries to convince us that she has got the mass immigration into Germany under control. But the facts show: the Turkey-Treaty is a sleight of hand.

1. For every illegal Syrian refugee, who is sent back from EU into Turkey, a recognized Syrian refugee can enter the EU and therefore Germany, as most EU-countries do not accept unlimited quantities of refugees. In other words: the illegal migration is rechristened into a legal migration – the mass immigration into Germany remains constantly high.

2. For this rechristening, EU citizens have to pay 20 million Euros per month!

3. As a “Thank you” for taking them back, Turkey pulled the EU over a barrel and achieved Visa freedom for Turkish citizens at the latest end of this year.

More than 74 million Turks can come to Germany without any Visa at all. The consequences? Bavarian Minister of Finance Söder warns of a Kurdish mass immigration, and the renowned Criminologist Christian Pfeiffer calls this Treaty a “monumental stupidity”, because the freedom of travel could start “a wave of illegal mass immigration”.

4. For this “monumental stupidity” the EU tax payers have to wire 6 billion Euro to Turkey until end 2018, to a country that tramples human rights, freedom of opinion, and freedom of the press under their feet.

Therefore we ask YOU to sign our appeal against the “Merkelian Welcome Culture” at
[end of ad]

It is the Association for the Preservation of Law and Civil Liberty behind the advertisement. Why did this German group place their advertisement in a Swiss newspaper?

The media businessman Josef Konrad answers an enquiry by Blick:

“Except for the Hannoversche Zeitung, all large newspapers in Germany refused to print this ad.” The NZZ-ad has fully been funded by donations of the supporters. But they do not plan further ads in Swiss media.

About 3,500 people have already signed the ‘No’ to the “Merkelian Welcome Culture”. Now they hope to find more signatures through the NZZ advertisement “Merkel cheats on!”.

The name of those behind the association still remain a mystery. Media businessman Josef Konrad says, his cooperation with the association was only temporary, and he has no connections to the association.

“The founders and members of the association currently do not wish to appear in public or to be named”, says Josef Konrad, who is a member of the AfD Bavaria. It is a “loose association of concerned citizens from Germany”.

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4 Replies to “German citizens place ad against Merkel in Swiss newspaper because German newspapers refused to print it”

    • They’re either the most docile or brainwashed people on the planet. It’s beyond me why they’ve put up with this nonsense so long. The Cultural Marxist university educated opinion leaders have the average Joe, and themselves, by the balls I guess.

    • It takes time to build up enough desperation to launch a civil war. The US revolution took over 10 years to start, and the French revolution took longer. The one building around the world is taking about the normal time.

  1. Part of the reason is that the German people have been indoctrinated from birth to not be racist, this is because of guilt for WWII. Another reason is that the German Government has almost a monopoly on firearms which means heavy resistance is a final resort.

    One of the reasons that so many governments want to disarm their citizens is that armed people tend to think for themselves, something no authoritarian government can tolerate.

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