Migrants in Greece get easy access to fake documents from anywhere

I hope that someone working in Canadian External Affairs gets to see this video. I know they probably already know Trudeau’s mass migration into Canada is a fraud and has nothing to do with Syria or refugees, but it would be nice of people who have to live with the consequences knew this material, and knew that Canadian authorities likely always knew.

Thank you Oz-Rita for the translation

Note from Translator:

The “ex refugees welcome volunteer” is elaborating in later posts that  a) there are very few REAL refugees and b) they treat the female “volunteers” very very poorly.. He left. He says, he is from a village where there is a “Refugee home” of 250 or so….  mostly North Africans (i.e. Arabs, Moroccans),

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  1. I am surprised that there aren’t more fake papers merchants running around, during the lead up to a major war and in the aftermath of a major the fake papers business is quite often a lucrative business that usually lasts for a decade or two after the war ends.

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