Letter addressed to Stefan Löfven, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Sweden.

Dear Prime Minister,
Why do you deny the existence of your own people ?
Does the Swedish people no longer have the right to exist in their own country ?
(Photos from the official Swedish Government website)
Swedish children.jpgSwedish school.jpg
I grew up with the texts of Astrid Lindgren and I love your country since childhood. I am appalled and hurt by your contempt for the Swedish people.
To show pictures of black children will not convince anyone that these children represent the children of the Swedish people. The Kingdom of Sweden has always been a white country and you insult the people of Sweden by denying their existence.  You betray the people of Sweden by replacing the white population with mass immigration.
Your political agenda is the same as most European countries because you all obey to the orders of Peter Sutherland (chairman of Goldman Sachs and chief of the United Nations Migration service) who stated that the European Union should do its best to undermine homogeneity of its member states. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-18519395
This political agenda will create war and massacres in Sweden (and throughout Europe)because the Swedish people (as all European people) will not let themselves be replaced without fighting.  Many innocent people will die because of your insane politics that denies the indigenous ethnic group of Sweden.
If you want to save lives from both sides, you must stop your criminal agenda, you must close your borders and stop mass immigration, you must start the remigrationhttp://www.mouvementpourlaremigration.fr/charter/and you must rebuild some homogeneity in Sweden. Yes indeed, some homogeneity is needed to build a united  peaceful country.  It is not by destroying Sweden you will help the world.
On July 9th , 2012, at a conference of the International Civil Liberties Alliance, Ingrid Carlqvist said in a speech  “I now live in Absurdistan.”  and  “I want my country back.”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69bE-7APERA
Across Europe, the indigenous ethnic groups are denied and replaced. Across Europe, we see our countries disappear and turn into “Absurdistan”. Across Europe, we refuse this order of Peter Sutherland and we all want our country back. This is not racism, it is the inalienable right of all people to live on their land without threat of extermination by mass immigration.
The worst racism is to deny the existence of an indigenous ethnic group. This is exactly what you do with the photographs of your website. This denial is dangerous because it leads to the genocide of the people of the Kingdom of Sweden.
Same as the negation of the indigenous ethnic group of each country in Europe lead to the genocide of all Europeans.
I thank you kindly in advance to change the photographs of the Sweden website by rehabilitating the indigenous ethnic group of the Kingdom of Sweden.
Best regards,
[I don’t know who wrote this letter but I could add a great deal to it. For one thing, Sweden does worse than this, It ‘Pink-paints‘ non-white criminals so that they appear to be white people in photos when they are clearly ‘Southern’ immigrants. This is not reverse racism, it is just racism. Trying to cast aspersions on an entire ethnic group by misrepresenting the individual who did the crime in the wanted poster or news media. Imagine if every time there was a theft by a white person they darkened it so that it appeared to be an African. Imagine the rightful cries and howls of outrage. I do not understand why they feel its OK to do it the other way. If they are protecting dark skinned people by disguising their criminals then that is racism against everyone. Whites for mischaracterization and blacks or arabs by lowered expectations. And that is just the first addition I could make to this letter]

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  1. 99% valid, but sadly interesting that the author picked up on Peter Sutherland having been Chairman of Goldman Sachs, when him having been the Chairman of the London School of Economics was far more relevant, Goldman Sachs is just a bank, owned but a large number of corporate investors, with no particular political agenda but not losing on investment. The LSE on the other hand has been programming the brightest youth with their Frankfurt School agenda for decades. I often see GS picked on, and nearly always to point to the evil joooz involvement in some mischief purely because they happen to have a Jewish name. Peter Sutherland himself is an Irish Catholic, I doubt that is also relevant to his intention and being at the lead in the lefts war to destroy European identity.
    So again, very sad to see the author drawn that way.

    • The author is showing signs of original thought but is still stuck in the leftist meme that all investment banks are evil. This class warfare meme is going to come back an bite the left in the coming years since so many of their leaders are the rich greedy bankers they rail against.

      • They’re all jooozz – that’s the point – they’re all jooozz.


        Let Swedes be subjected to daily, random murders and attempted murders. Let their assailants be everywhere, all the time, relentless.

        May they fear every child old enough to know “me” from “not-me” and able to hold a scissors, a screwdriver, a knife. Every car, taxi or truck may be aiming to hit their mother waiting for a bus, their son on the way home from school.

        Know what it’s like to pause before answering the door to send the kids out of sight. Pregnant women grab a chair to hold in front of their bellies before opening.

        Every emergency room of every hospital should be a familiar gathering place. Clinical terms related to puncture-wounds, crushing-trauma, exsanguination should become as familiar as sports-slang.

        Media – what’s reported, how it’s spun – then becomes irrelevant. Except, perhaps, the obituary page.

        When ethnic Swedes become as expendable as Jewish Israelis.

        • I have trouble thinking that way but before this war is over we may all be classifying all people by their ethnicity. The left is forcing us to return to tribalism.

          • I just hope enough individuals in the West still possess sufficiently functional survival instincts to at least attempt to survive, when it comes to that. There is some evidence that this is not the case.

          • We tribals hear dog whistles.

            Judaism is tribal: a family bound by a covenant held as sacred. While Jews are anomalous in surviving as a people after dispersion from their homeland, they’re otherwise not dissimilar from most societies originating in antiquity. The clan is a natural organization; it’s as value-neutral as any social construct.

            Now, I believe some clans are better than others. Abraham came from a tribe that practiced ritual murder of children. The signal event that separated him from his origins was not so much the smashing of idols as the embrace of the one god who abhorred human sacrifice. Back in Babylon they’re still sacrificing their children for a god they call “Allah”, and they persist in monstrous veneration of their “shahids”.

            My kinsman Jesus demonstrated the most extraordinary generosity conceivable in a tribal society. He expanded traditional hospitality to the stranger beyond all bounds of time and space. This wasn’t the way things were done and didn’t exactly endear him to the elders.

            But while the conceptual thread was stretched, it wasn’t broken. Kinship integrity – people related by blood and marriage – was incorporated explicitly into Christianity. That branch of the family had kosher antecedents.

            Immersion in flowing waters, baptism, is the Jewish marriage purification ritual of mikva. Bread and wine, flesh and blood transmogrified. The tent was to become as wide as the heavens for time everlasting.

            All that’s wicked blasphemous. To rehabilitate the notion of “tribe” I go from Abraham to Jesus without reference to all the revelation stuff. That is, everything that counts to believers. But I mean well.

            If I were not born a Jew, feel myself intimately bound by history and destiny to my people, I’d be Christian. I can think of no gift more precious to a benighted Muslim than leading him to embrace the life and love he could find in the Christian faith.
            Christians United For Israel (CUFI) is a group I’ve gotten to know and respect. They have just the right attitude. They have a thread with prayers that’s balm to the spirit. A real find. http://www.cufi.org/

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