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6 Replies to “Another show of gratitude from the horde of UMIs to Europe. This time in Germany.”

  1. It is said that this is the greatest migration crisis in Europe since WWII. Do you think the migrants after WWII threw juice in the trash because of its high sugar content? How about cans of ravioli because the “best by” date had been exceeded? Do you think any Jew would have refused food because it was not kosher?
    This is a truly remarkable situation going on and it will not end well.

    • Yes if you are optimistic you can say this mess will end badly, that is the best case scenario is that it ends badly, the worst case is that it is an absolute disaster. I really don’t see anyway this can end without a massive war that occurs in all nations. If my read on history is correct the war will last the rest of this century if not longer, some of it (the middle east) will have large scale land battles, however at least initially the fighting in most nations will be guerrilla war that will include assassination of political enemies. And before the war has been fought for very long all sides will use this tactic to remove leaders that are competent and leave incompetent leaders in place.

  2. Do you have the video where Muslims send a warning to Geert Wilders? I seem to recall a video being shared a view weeks back, where a group of Muslims appeared on television to deliver a warning to Geert. Perhaps it was from the UK? I can’t remember, and I can’t remember if I saw it here or at Jihad Watch or at GoV.

    Also, what does UMI stand for? Unwanted Muslim Invaders?

    • Yes I believe we did have that video here somewhere. Its on this site for sure. We may have even had it translated and subtitled. Also yes, UMI = Uninvited Muslim Invaders.

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