Reader supplied news links for Sept. 2 – 2015

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  1. Channel 4 – The people offering homes to Europe’s refugees

    “Like Yoda said: ‘Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.’”

    Meet the German family who’ve taken in a Syrian family with a unique take on the refugee crisis.

    comment on the youtube page :

    When I travel to islamic countries I always get an exceptionaly warm welcome. And when I ask why the reply I get is “We like what you did to the jews”. That is why these muslims are coming to our country. They are uneducated morons who think we still march arround in brown shirts. We have learned from our history and they can stay in their own country if they want to march arround in brown shirts!!!!

  2. Arafat poisoning inquiry dropped by French prosecutors (BBC, Sep 2, 2015)

    “French judges say they have dropped an investigation into claims Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was poisoned. Arafat died in Paris in 2004, aged 75. His wife says he was poisoned, possibly by highly radioactive polonium. The claims were seemingly backed up by tests carried out in Switzerland. But a statement by prosecutors in Nanterre, near Paris. said polonium poisoning had “not been demonstrated” and that they would not continue their inquiries…”

  3. Been wondering why the refugees are mostly men.

    This might be it. There are heavily financed programs such as the “Concern Worldwide” in Lebanon is based on the belief that helping men recognize their own traumatization is key to improving the lives of women and children refugees.

    Found this here:

    here is their Youtube channel:

    There web site:

    Check out who is financing this:

    European Union, US AID and the British government.
    All civilizations are destroyed from within.?

    • In case they take that down:

      Concern receives funding from a diverse group of governments and other organisations. Here is a selected list of these institutions.

      Irish Aid
      Government of Great Britain – Department for International Development – UK Aid
      European Union
      United Nations Agencies
      Danish International Development Agency
      Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
      Government of Scotland
      Isle of Man Government
      Government of Norway
      Jersey Overseas Aid
      Guernsey Overseas Aid

      • That’s a list I know by heart already.

        Same s-o-bs who fund NGOS devoted to delegitimizing the State of Israel. Fake abuse of Pals by Israeli police, “apartheid”, etc. Widespread defamation so successful, most Europeans and global media take as fact. And plenty of Americans, too.

        They’re fueling BDS and all the BS on university campuses today.

  4. Elderly Couple In Sicily Killed By African “Refugee”; Immigration Bureaucrats Worried About Bad Press

    Murder of elderly couple in Sicily fuels Italy’s growing anti-immigrant sentiment

    Mr Kamara, who was rescued in the Mediterranean on June 8 and brought with other migrants to the port of Catania in Sicily, allegedly broke into the pensioners’ flat in the village of Palagonia, six miles away, and slit the throat of Mr Solano. The elderly man’s wife was found dead in the courtyard of their three-storey apartment block.

    Renzi under pressure over brutal Sicily murder

    The arrest flared the debate over migrants in Italy, with Matteo Salvini, the leader of the anti-immigration Northern League party, writing on Twitter and Facebook on Monday: “From what war was this guy escaping??? If he’s guilty, jail for life, with HARD LABOUR!”

  5. – BBC News -This is how Germany polices its borders

    The migrants stuck at Budapest’s train are trying to get to Northern Europe – through Austria – to Germany. And as our Correspondent Jenny Hill reports from Rosenheim – on the German-Austrian border – record numbers of migrants have already arrived.

  6. Refugee crisis: Canada must do more, Harper’s policies have failed, rivals say

    Mulcair, Trudeau take aim at Tories as tens of thousands struggle to find refuge in Europe

    Both the NDP and Liberals said scenes of desperation playing out overseas make it clear the federal government must do something to aid the thousands of people flocking to the Continent, although they offered no new policy proposals.

    “Hundreds of thousands of people fleeing horrors: We’ve got to step up to the plate, we’ve got to be part of an international solution, we’ve got to start doing our fair share,” NDP Leader Tom Mulcair said.

    Justin Trudeau repeated his party’s position that Canada would, under a Liberal government, take in 25,000 Syrian refugees.

    He also accused the Conservative government of not living up to its “meagre” commitment to accept refugees from Syria and elsewhere.

    video on the page :

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