French group asks to be allowed to be part of the discussion about the French nature of France’s french future

In this clip, Generation Identitaire does a minor protest at the EU commission office over the total wave of immigration which is obliterating French values and culture.

Without having read any of the press on it, I can bet how it is described. Far right extremists, racists etc. etc. because anyone who opposes the obliteration of their existence as a people are always described as such, unless they are muslim of course. Then it is their religious right to break every law any nation has that is in their own historical, cultural and even security interests. For example I am unaware of any serious application of hate crimes laws or hate speech laws applied to imams reading koran chapters in mosques that are orders of magnitude more in breach of said laws than the kinds of things we see them being applied to against non muslims like Mark Steyn or Ezra Levant in Canada as just one example. Mark Steyn was charged for quoting a muslim community leader fully in context in fact. Just in a way they didn’t quite want done.

People may remember Generation Identitaire for their previous protest at the mega mosque in Tours, a symbolic location because it is where Charles Martel had defeated invading muslim armies centuries ago at great cost to the French. GI felt that perhaps it was a bit triumphalist to build a mega mosque at that spot and they joined hands and sang a few songs with syncopated clapping and when the police showed up and asked them to leave and go home that is exactly what they did.

STRATFOR, the Geopolitical think tank that puts a lot of effort into bragging about how non-partizan and unbiased it is, and that it is truly a geopolitical think tank and not a news service with all the hyperbole and loaded adjectives we have grown used to from the BBC and CBC for just 2 examples, reported on them in this way at the time.

Yeah I remember when the Sturmabteilung clapped hands and sang songs and dispersed peacefully after a protest about a genuine invasion into Germany cause thats what “far right extremists” do isn’t it?

The banner reads:

Emigration kills Africa
Immigration kills France

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  1. @Eyoore – You, once again, get it !!

    I am an unashamed admirer of Generation Identitaire – a brave, intelligent group of young French who are defamed and persecuted by the totally dhimmified and corrupt extreme left French Government. And they are PROSECUTED by the anti-white racist, France-and French-hating, increasingly grotesque and powerful Madame Taubira, Minister for JUSTICE. From memory at least 2 of these young people were arrested and did some time in prison (or at least were remanded) for fully trumped up charges, and their wings are clipped at every turn they take. How they continue is just as admirable, as how the counter-Jihad does not give up.

    Incidentally, their banner reads:

    Emigration kills Africa
    Immigration kills France

    • Here is their Press Release:


      Emigration kills Africa, immigration is killing Europe!

      Press release by Generation Identitaire of May 23, 2015

      While Europe is facing an unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants from the African continent, the young Identitaires denounce the policy of the European Commission and the governments of EU member states.

      The Passivity in the fight against illegal immigration, the systematic reception of illegal boats, the crazy politics of quotas per country, only reinforce the fantasy of a European Eldorado that does not exist. The candidates for emigration are ever higher in number, to the delight of the smugglers, militias and mafias with whom our leaders are, in fact, complicit. The dead in the Mediterranean too are the consequence of that policy.

      The future of Africa is not in Europe, just as the future of Europe is not to become Africa!

      To each people its identity, its land and the building of its future.

      Their protest was held at the offices of the European Commission, 288 Bld. Saint-Germain, 75007 Paris (the climbed up to the balcony via a ladder and then unfolded their banner). (I just LOVE them !

      And here for those who read French is an article by Caroline Almachere from Riposte Laique about them and it:ïque%29

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