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13 Replies to “Are outside forces conspiring against the Harper Government to force global warming regulations on Canada and Australia?”

  1. Canada could end its mission to the United Nations and use the expertise and inside knowledge of its ex-mission staff to expose the agendas of that corrupt institution and campaign for its closure.

  2. German parade off over terror threat


    A carnival parade has been called off at short notice in Braunschweig, northern Germany, due to the threat of an Islamist attack, police said.

    A “specific threat of an Islamist attack” was identified by state security sources, they said in a statement.

    Police urged people planning to attend to stay at home.

    The parade – a well-known regional attraction – was cancelled only 90 minutes before it was due to start.

    “Many people arriving at the train station were already dressed up and very disappointed – but we didn’t want to take any risks,” police spokesman Thomas Geese was quoted as saying.

    It comes hours after Danish police shot dead a man they believe was behind two deadly attacks earlier in Copenhagen.

  3. The UK’s political leaders have pledged to work together to combat climate change, whatever the election result.

    In a joint statement, David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg said climate change was one of the most serious threats facing the world.

    They said climate change threatens not just the environment but also security, prosperity and poverty eradication.

    They have promised to end coal burning for power generation in the UK – unless it uses new clean-up technology.

    Environmentalists say the pledge is significant because it quells some of their fears that the Conservatives might adopt a more climate-sceptic line, to mirror UKIP’s position.


    In other words, the main parties have agreed that they will not give any choice to the people on ClimateChange taxation.

    Frankly, this is a conspiracy of the main parties against the peoiple.

    • No unusual weather or climate patterns have been observed by any human being throughout recorded history. Storms happen, droughts happen, warm periods happen and cold periods happen, good things happen, bad things happen, but nothing “unusual” has ever happened. The 20th century saw the end of the “Little ice age” with an ensuing warming period that lasted ’til the middle of the century, followed by a cool period that went on ’til around 1972, followed by a warm period that went on until the late ’90s, followed by the cooler period we have been in since then. There is nothing weird going on. “Climate change” is a non-starter. The whole thing is like Chicken Little and his falling sky. It’s all pure BS!

  4. Muslim group says Harper is making veil issue ‘unnecessarily’ important

    CALGARY – A Muslim group based in Calgary is urging the prime minister to reverse his plans for the government to appeal a court ruling on face coverings.

    The Islamic Supreme Council of Canada says the Federal Court’s decision to allow face coverings during citizenship ceremonies is “not an important issue,” but that Stephen Harper is “unnecessarily” making it one.

    The council says it’s clear that wearing a niqab, which is worn by some Muslim women in public areas and in front of men who are not relatives, is not a security issue.

    It says the identity of someone wearing a niqab during a citizenship ceremony can be verified by the judge before the oath is sworn.

    A federal judge ruled in Ottawa that a portion of the law requiring citizenship candidates to remove their face coverings while taking the oath was unlawful.

    The council says wearing a niqab is a personal choice just like wearing a very short dress.


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