Segments of an interview from a shunned Syrian Christian Prof. in France on ‘rebel TV’

Oz-Rita found this interesting interview, which she translated what she felt was the most interesting segments.

Below are her editorial notes on this clip:

Bassam Tahhan is a professor of Arabic literature, French sociologist and geopolitics of Syrian origin (Christian). 

He taught courses in the most prestigious academic institutions in France and the world and is still teaching at the Henry IV, one of the most prestigious Lycées in Paris. 

In this interview given to TV Liberté  which will shock he gives his view of the situation in Syria.

Professor Bassam Tahhan used to be  a high profile/high output commentator on French Media until he started criticising the Foreign Policy, specifically with regard to Syria. He is now basically shunned by all main TV stations and TVL is rather courageous broadcasting his views. In another part of this interview (not translated) he says that the TV station FRANCE 24 has even spelled it out for him:  we will not receive you again.

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    Hundreds of women attended Aslan’s funeral in her native town of Mersin on the country’s southeastern coast. Many of them defied the imam conducting the funeral, after he called on them to stay in the back. Instead, they occupied the front. Women also carried the coffin before and after prayer.

    The private Dogan news agency reported that the driver of the minibus attempted to rape Aslan, and stabbed her to death after she resisted with pepper spray. He then sought the help of his father and a friend to get rid of the body, which they burnt.

    Aslan’s mother Songul has demanded the death sentence for her daughter’s killers.

    “They should be executed, they should be tortured. Özgecan had a wonderful heart, she would work hard, help everyone. I cannot accept that she was massacred when she took a minibus to come home. Is my daughter’s only mistake is to get on a minibus to come home?” she said, as quoted by Hurriet Daily News.

    The mayor of Mersin, Burhanettin Kocamaz, who attended Aslan’s funeral, said that moral values in Turkey have deteriorated.

    “We are living in a time when women are murdered every day. The whole society, most notably the leaders, should reconsider their stance,” he said.

    Five women are killed in Turkey every day, most of them by their husbands, according to Yasemin Yucel, the deputy chairwoman of the Tarsus branch of the Education Personnel Union.

  2. An Immigrant Speaks : Stop Canada’s Immigration-Driven National Suicide

    ‘I came here two decades ago from India. However, I feel quite sorry about the current state of our country which to a large extent is the result of an uncontrolled immigration intake. This is not the country or the society I migrated to. Since my arrival, Canada has changed beyond recognition. Canadian values & ethics are eroding fast. The society is disintegrating and is being replaced by alien & sub-civilized cultures—- all in the name of multiculturalism & accommodation to new immigrants.

    Multiculturalism makes a nation no more than a holding pen….’

  3. I’ve been coming here for a few years to absorb news – which was not available through traditional American media sources – or when provided, limited to 15-30 second truncated segments rendered meaningless once filtered through a progressive biased lens. The links and videos presented here help explain the unfolding global situation which is rapidly spinning out of control.
    Because of all the much appreciated time and energy devoted to this site by it’s administrator(s) and with the generous assistance of those like Oz-Rita above, viewers/readers have an opportunity to periscope above the fog of intentional political misdirection. Thank you all.

    • Ditto WTD, everything above. Important and well-said.

      I add my thanks to you, WTD, for your always careful analyses, the additional sources you bring for us, and the way you break down complex issues so they’re accessible to all.

      We’re in a good place in perilous times, the community of Vlad Tepes.


  4. The first victim of Saturday’s shootings in Copenhagen was the 55 year old film director finn Norgaard (google translate)
    From the blog page:

    “According to Ekstra Bladet Two men arrested in Copenhagen. They arrived at the place in the car when police were investigating an apartment – they were arrested, and the police investigated the car.
    Police have still not confirmed whether the arrests on Oesterbro related to shooting attacks.”

    (googletranslate) PET known suspected terrorist in advance
    PET chief Jens Madsen says that PET knew of the alleged perpetrator behind Saturday’s terror in Copenhagen.

    PET has had prior knowledge of the alleged perpetrator behind Saturday’s terror attack in Copenhagen early Sunday afternoon.
    -It is a person who has been in PET’s radar, says Jens Madsen
    The police can not yet say anything well proven on the motive behind the attack, but you are working from a theory that the attacks on Krudttønden and synagogue can be inspired by the terrorist attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris in January.
    After the attack on Krudttønden where the man initially hijacked a VW Polo, which he fled, he took a taxi to the settlement Mjølnerparken in Nørrebro in Copenhagen.
    Here he arrived at 16:17, and 20 minutes later he left the place again. Meanwhile, he had changed clothes. The new clothes he was wearing when he around one o’clock Sunday night struck against the synagogue in Krystalgade. And when the man was shot and killed near Nørrebro Station early Sunday morning, he was wearing the same clothes as the synagogue attack. The investigation continues into the future. Here, the police must clarify the man’s whereabouts up to the attacks, between the attacks and after the attacks in detail.

    In addition, a number of technical studies conducted to finally be able to establish that the alleged offender is actually the perpetrator.

    For the sake of the investigation, the police will therefore not currently say more about the man’s identity.

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