Quebec muslim women face intimidation if pro charter

First I would like to thank a lot of people who have put a lot of time into this project.

The people who compiled this video in the first place. C.B. Sashenka who worked on the translation as did Susan Victoria who hipped me to it and SIMONXML among others. Finally it was Oz-Rita who actually got it done. Thank you all. I know I can be a pest when there is a project that I feel really needs to be done in the public interest.

This video has significant people speaking (more on who later but some of these women are very brave and facing great adversity from culture enrichers) as well as the content. This is a video of a press conference on the witness intimidation many women are being subjected to, if they are muslim and in favor of the secularism charter of values being debated in Quebec at this time.

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10 Replies to “Quebec muslim women face intimidation if pro charter”

  1. I am getting more and more impressed with Canada: first their courageous Prime Minister, swimming against the effluent of Jew-hatred disguised as “Israel-is-bad-mkay”, and now these Quebec women who could teach the high profile professional ‘feminists’ a thing or two about courage.

  2. Canada is taking the lead in defending the west and our culture and traditions, hopefully after the 2014 and 2016 election the US can start helping.

  3. The rape of Bosnian Muslim women without hijab was avenged by Saudi-Arabia by funding the persecution of the Serbs. This proves the hijab is not as necessary to prevent rape as often thought.

  4. I’m due for another drug-run to Canada. This time I’m buying little maple-leaf keychains as gifts for everyone I know. In honor of Mr. Harper.

    I always resent the fact that I can’t buy all my medications across the street. My work used to have me traveling to Europe so regularly these purchases were never an issue. Now, including travel & hotel expenses, I still save a bit by crossing the border.***

    Most importantly, the FDA blocks the sale of some items here. Something as simple as a sunblock or a sugar substitute are unavailable because the FDA hasn’t approved one or another ingredient here.

    ***Or would if I didn’t stay a little longer, get together with friends, enjoy a nice dinner…

  5. @yucki – I don’t know what “OT” means, but you certainly did not disrespect the video, in my notsohumble opinion. I think in this present climate we can’t say it often enough:

    “i-heart-canada” “I-Heart-Canada” “I-HEART-CANADA” I-HEART-CANADA

    Okay, I’m leaving now…;)

  6. Okay, it’s great that these women are trying to get the barn door closed, that’s basically what it is for anyone at this point. Good luck giving Canadian citizenship to people from ‘everywhere in the world’ and expecting ‘a certain serenity’ though. Something over a quarter million more arriving in Canada this year? Serenity has a solid head start and is fast disappearing over the horizon.

    Richard, yucki, Rita and all, I hope Canada can continue to get back to giving people like yourselves reason to like it. As a Canadian abroad, I’ve grown really sick over the years of having the wrong people tell me how much they like Canada. ‘Canada? Canada good! Canada have Muslim! Canada good country for Muslim!’

  7. @don c: Unfortunately Canada is no Robinson Crusoe when it comes to be a coveted invasion target for muslims, but seen from here (this time of the year I live in Paris) it absolutely stands out in the way it reacts by a Prime Minister like Harper. And yes, I do agree with you that the lady towards the end of the video is rather polyanna-esque: she either doesn’t know the meaning of serenity, or she still believes that “living-all-together-in-peace” is possible between civilised people, and high-birth-rate-achieving muslims.

  8. PS: OHMYGODANDIDONTMEANALLAH !!!!!! Hijacking this thread:

    I just hear on the news that the French President Hollande who atm is in Turkey to kiss Erdogan’s arse is in favour of co-operating with Turkey to build a nuclear reactor in Turkey ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (I hear that “right wing people, according to the left, use a lot of exclamation marks) Have no time to check this out atm but someone should!

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