News links Jan. 28 2014 – 1

1. Anti-terror police search magistrate’s east London home in toxic chemicals probe 

2. Video alleged to be of Al Qaeda/Muslim brotherhood shooting down Egyptian government helicopter. (Skip ahead to 2:09 to avoid all the usual tardish propaganda at the start)

3. Allen West on the stealth jihad of Islamic immigration

4. Here is an excellent example of leftist intimidation of a Muslim woman in favor of the secular charter.

5. Caroline Glick on the UN and antisemitism. 

6. How interesting. ‘Lion heart’ wins judgement for Breivik defamation?!

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  1. Muslim group demands apology from Harper, chief spokesman

    OTTAWA — A major Canadian Muslim group is demanding an apology from Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his chief spokesman for a comment it says links the organization to a terrorist group.

    The National Council of Canadian Muslims has filed a notice of libel in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice that accuses Jason MacDonald of acting maliciously when he made the comment earlier this month.

    The council had criticized the inclusion of a controversial rabbi in Harper’s delegation that went to the Middle East last week.

    The libel notice quotes MacDonald as saying, “We will not take seriously criticism from an organization with documented ties to a terrorist organization such as Hamas.”

    The notice is the first step in what could become a formal libel suit.

    The council says MacDonald’s comment was a deliberate attempt to discredit the group and Harper is responsible for the words uttered by his spokesman.

    “The defamatory words were stated maliciously in order to discredit and insult an organization that did nothing other than exercise its constitutional right to freedom of expression to criticize a decision made by the prime minister,” the libel notice says.

    “Mr. MacDonald simply made up that statement in an effort to discredit NCCM and deflect its criticism of Mr. Harper.”

    The council describes itself as an independent, non-partisan, non-profit group which has worked for 14 years on human rights and civil liberties issues on behalf of Canadian Muslims.

    A half-dozen other rights groups, including the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and the Canadian Association of University Teachers, have offered support to the Muslim group.

  2. I believe it is a fact that the Egyptian Army has a true provable mandate from the Egyptian People themselves to do whatever has to be done to bring the nation of Egypt back to some semblance of normalcy. Muslim fanaticism has been coming and going around those parts since time immemorial; they have seen all this before. The army will need to lock the entire country down for a while to prevent foreign Jihadists from swarming in, and they will need to take out those violent intractable Egyptian fanatics who cannot be reasoned with. Now, if we all just look the other way for a moment, we can let the Egyptians do what they have to do… Then we can all go visit the pyramids and go on camel rides. 🙂

  3. Chris J- Perfectly said.

    If our leadership has any sense at all, we can resume our friendship with the most important country in the Mideast.

  4. Our leaders don’t want to resume any relationship with our traditional allies, they want to destroy the US and all who like us.

  5. – Richard
    That appears to be the truth, although I don’t really understand why. But, then again, in 2008, Michelle Obama said quite clearly that she was proud of her country for the first time in her life, which I believe means that she just plain doesn’t like the United States of America. Maybe it’s that simple.

  6. Obama was raised by communists (his Grandparents) His mentor/father figure in Hawaii was a communist (Frank Marshal Davis, google for his FBI file) he was raised to hate America and free enterprise. This fact was well known before both elections but was ignored by all, given his background the idea that he loves America would be the shocking one.

    The real big questions is can we survive his second administration.

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