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1. It seems that Afghan Vendettas are coming to Germany, rapidly negating the point of little things like a court or a legal system.

2. Christians in the (Muslim) Sudan face travel restrictions, cardinal says

3. French rural areas are facing a growing crime wave as thieves steal potatoes from the fields, grapes from the vines and expensive machinery from farms and showrooms. 

Nine people of Romanian nationality have been arrested in Spain, Romania and France. The suspect arrested in France was charged with a variety of crimes and remanded in custody. The other eight, arrested in Spain and Romania, could be extradited to France in the coming days.

4. An article on showing musical instruments on Iranian TV and what happens as a result.

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  1. Britain will open its doors to ‘vulnerable Syrian refugees’, Home Secretary Theresa May is expected to announce (dailymail, Jan 28, 2014)
    “Britain is planning to open its doors to ‘vulnerable Syrian refugees’, it was revealed last night.
    An announcement could be made as early as tomorrow to coincide with a Parliamentary debate on the UK’s participation in the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees programme. Home Secretary Theresa May told MPs yesterday she was ‘working with the Foreign Secretary, William Hague to look at what further support can be provided by this Government and further announcements on that will be made’. She said Britain had opened its doors to ‘several thousand asylum seekers’ since the chaotic civil war began and said there was a ‘mechanism already in place to facilitate helping Syrian refugees with existing family ties in the UK to settle here…”


    REGULARLY, stories appear in the British press concerning ‘marriage scams’, where people marry foreign nationals in order to remain in Britain. Often, the person entering into the scam marriage is not even British, but an ‘EU’ citizen, and, often as not, a ‘new european’, yet, as long as the scam is not discovered the ‘spouse’ is allowed to remain in this country indefinitely.
    REGULARLY we see third world illegal immigrants, who have NO right to be in this country being allowed to stay because they have a right to ‘a family life’
    Yet a man who has served in his country’s armed forces for 22 years……….
    It seems like, as someone in the labour party said, not too long ago, they are ‘determined to rub our noses in it’. And leave us under no illusion that being native British COUNTS FOR NOTHING – no matter how much service, dedication, loyalty to this country.

  3. #3 this is both a sign of the failure of multiculturalism and the sad state of the economy brought on by the socialist policies of the worlds governments.

    I don’t care which group is doing the stealing the fact that it is wide spread shows a worsening economy, one that can only grow weaker as the governments run out of other peoples money to spend.

    Look for the European governments ( and possibly others) to try to implement the IMF recommendation of grabbing all savings accounts over a certain amount. they are calling this a savings tax.

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