Paris: Protesters mar Egyptian author’s France appearance

Article from New Zealand Herald:

ARIS (AP) Supporters of deposed former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi disrupted a Paris gathering featuring best-selling Egyptian novelist Alaa al-Aswany, forcing him to flee the hall. […]

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  1. Perhaps someone can clear this up for me. Though I suspect this is just a miscalculation of the rational of MB/Egyptians on my part. We know that a solid majority of Egyptians love Sharia (74% of Egyptians said they wanted “sharia to be the official law of the land.”). We know the MB loves Sharia. MB takes power and begins to advance their fascist policies while the economy is in recession. This to me seems completely illogical for a group that has done everything they aimed to achieve thus far. 51% of Egyptians voted for the MB and 74% want Sharia. So why the second uprising/protests in July? Was it because of the sharia laws being introduced or was it because of the economy? A mix of both perhaps? The arrests and imprisonment seemed to be a result of the violence that (predictably) ensued. But getting back to the main point, what I see happening now is a campaign to bring Western sympathy to the MB by Muslim community organizations. My main question is how has the MSM portrayed the July protests and imprisonment of the MB from the perspective of a low-information westerner?

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