More on the Amer-Indians and the provocation over fracking.

My information from a local is that these are not a regional band but are imports, adding credence to my theory that they are paid provocateurs, either by US ‘environmental’ groups or by other oil interests. Frankly I think its US environmental groups who are in fact, funded by the Saudis. I have also been told that these Amer-Indians do not have permission for this protest by the local bands.

Several of the provocateurs also seem to be wearing Palestinian Kefeyas or scarves. These are as much a political statement as a flag is.


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  1. At 2:28 we see a guy with a tee-shirt with “National Aboriginal Firefighters Competition” on the back. I googled and the National Aboriginal Firefighters Association is a Canadian organization.

  2. Nevertheless, if it is moral to rout the Mi’kmaq from their lands, it is most certainly moral to rout the Su3ud from their lands…

    Break Wahhabism. Wahhabism teaches that Tawheed consists of three parts, Oneness of Lordship, Oneness of Worship, and Oneness of Names and Attributes. This means they cannot have logical arguments against the Christian Trinity (or non-Christian Trinities like the Trimurti), and will burn in hell.

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