Jason Kenney, Canadian minister for citizenship and immigration on the Richard Falk UN issue.

He certainly talks a good game and the values that he, and the government of Canada espouse are the most excellent. But I do have questions about immigration and its effects and why Canada is allowing in so many people from the Islamic world when we see the effects of that in Europe and elsewhere.

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7 Replies to “Jason Kenney, Canadian minister for citizenship and immigration on the Richard Falk UN issue.”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. While the Conservatives keep saying all the right stuff, they continue to rush hundreds-of-thousands of Muslims into Canada, and from some of the worst countries. Statistics suggest that, if you let a thousand Pakistanis into your country, you have just let in 500 Taliban supporters. Somalia? Same thing. Bangladesh? Same thing. Are they just lying about being conservative? Have they signed a memorandum of understanding with Prince al-Walid bin Talal or something? What gives?

  2. Oh. And I would support and vote for Justin Trudeau and put his picture on my lawn, if I thought he was going to act on stopping Muslim immigration into Canada, which I think is the only truly important issue that we face today…

  3. Yes, Jason must get more support to stop islamic immigration, but who will stand for this policy????
    There are too many cowardly lions in Canada
    So we march dhimmily down the yellow brick road

    Christians are being slaughtered all over the world, AND still we bring thousands and thousands of islamic immigrants and refugees into Canada?

    Where is Baird? Who will stand up to the UN, and just negate our agreements made to bring in refugees picked by the UN, which are all islamic psychopaths these days…and gues who they pick? Duh

  4. oh ya, vote for that bi=polar pimple Justin…..the liberals will fix everything, like they did in the past…..another recession, human rights fascists in every community…amnesty for anyone committing a terrorist act, all jail terms set at a mandatory sentence of 2 years, with parole at 1 for good behavior, islamic education for all eduycational institutes,

  5. Richard: I would have to check the number but the last time I had a conversation with someone who was knowledgeable about this subject they left me with the following impression:

    1. Canada is allowing in more muslims than ever before in its history both in absolute numbers and as a percentage of the population.

    2. Canada has more programs in place to pay for madrasses and so on and in fact it appears as if we are on a much more rapid path to self destruction than most nations for what purpose I cannot say but my speculation is that the government would rather have the illusion of peace and good governance by surrender than see unrest in the streets, which would look bad on them. In essense, what I have written about before, the issue of generations of us raised to think that violence is the worst possible thing and surrender is preferable and the truth is always in the middle. Which of course is crap. The truth is where the truth is and thats where the truth is. Sometimes its in the middle and sometimes its not. But its always where the truth is.

  6. In other words he talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk, I remember when I was a kid I was always told that actions speak louder then words. I don’t think I have heard this statement in a long time.

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