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7 Replies to “The events that will transpire from this can only make one person look good…”

  1. A couple recent stories that caught my eye when browsing “gulfnews.”

    Ramadan, rather Bombathon 2013, starts in less than a month!

    Ramadan expected to start on July 9 (gulfnews, June 9, 2013):
    “Ramadan, the month when Muslims abstain from food and drink from sunrise until sunset, is expected to start on July 9, a leading astronomer in Kuwait said. “Based on the calculations, the crescent marking the start of the month will be visible on Monday, making Tuesday the first day of the holy month,” Adel Al Saadoon said. Ramadan is the…”

    Why the anger and rebuke? They are just enforcing traditional Islam.

    Woman gets 11 years in jail for insulting Kuwait emir (gulfnews, June 10, 2013):
    “A Kuwaiti court sentenced a female teacher to a total of 11 years in jail on Monday for insulting the emir, inciting regime change and insulting a religious sect via Twitter, two sources close to the case said. Huda Al Ajmi, 37, is the first woman known to have been convicted for criticising the US-allied state’s ruler, described as “immune and inviolable” in the constitution. Kuwait has penalised several Twitter users in recent months for slurs against the emir, Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah. The political trials have drawn rebuke abroad and anger at home…”

    Situation apparently heating up in the notorious region.

    Kuwaiti supermarkets boycott Iranian products (gulfnews, June 11, 2013):
    “Seven Kuwaiti consumers’ cooperative societies on Tuesday said that they were boycotting Iranian products to protest against “the role of Iran and the Hezbollah militia in suppressing the Syrian revolution.” “We will not sell any Iranian product and we are suspending deals with companies that provide them,” Al Riqqa, Sabah Al Salem, Sabah Al Nasser, Al Aridhiya, Bayan, Al Andalus and Khaitan said in a statement issued in the capital Kuwait City…”

    Slavery aint what it used to be…

    Woman accused of torturing two maids in Dubai (gulfnews, June 11, 2013):
    A woman has been accused of torturing her two maids and causing one of them to die of pneumonia, while she kept them unfed and locked in her Al Rashidiya home for more than a month. The surviving maid, a Filipina, alleged that the 45-year-old Emirati woman, R.M., beat them with sticks while naked, banged their heads against the wall until they bled and forced her to drink cleaning products. She told the court her Ethiopian colleague was so hungry she searched for food in the garbage…”

  2. Brave lads. Women ought to think about stop screaming and start fighting or calling the cops though, the crying simply creates pandemonium for the English lads who need to be steady when defending themselves.

  3. The Zombies hunt in packs. They like to display aggression around our women too. God help a smaller lad who is stuck as a bus stop with a girl. It’s like scent for a bloodhound.

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