General uptick in jihad like activity everywhere from blogs to ethnic cleansing to unprovoked attacks on indigenous people.

The time the night is through I hope to make sense of this title. So much is coming in so quickly that it is hard to organize and present it clearly.

Ill try and at least post some point forms for some of the activity today here:

1. In the UK, one division of EDL are reporting the following via EDL Buck’s news feed:

Facebook post from casuals Casuals United
Word from our Manchester lot is widespread disorder in Ashton under Lyne large groups of Muslims and white youths on the streets, police everywhere after vicious racial attack on white teenagers on weekend. BBC saying nothing as usual. More as we get it. When it does escalate and they cant hide it I expect they will blame the EDL

2. today alone there have been a number of bomb scares and actual explosions

and Princeton: 

EDL Buck adds this:

Any one got any pics or intel on what’s happening in Ashton , greater Manchester right now. News is police have the place on lock down?

There is a great deal more coming in by phone, skype and email. I am just glad as hell I don’t have a fax machine any more. Ill try and be more detailed and lucid as information becomes available. Also readers here may also be aware that my site has been up and down a lot. Oh how they try, how they try.



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3 Replies to “General uptick in jihad like activity everywhere from blogs to ethnic cleansing to unprovoked attacks on indigenous people.”

  1. Islam v. Europe posted this video from LiveLeak from Ashton:

    ””””’Unrelated to Ashton . .

    California mass shooter who killed 6 was…Muslim via CreepingSharia

    LOS ANGELES — Police found bomb-making materials seven years ago in the home of the gunman who killed five people last week in Santa Monica, a school board official said on Tuesday.

    Police discovered the materials after John Zawahri threatened fellow high school students in 2006, Oscar de la Torre, a member of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified school board, told The Associated Press.

  2. Stephen Conghlin said that al Qaeda (which means the Brotherhood) has a time schedule and is working for open war in 2016. Attacks and riots are going to keep increasing until they become the norm.

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