Femen does protest in Paris…

No idea what for though. But here is the video.

Article and photos here.


Ok in the video below it makes more sense. First, its outside the Tunisian embassy in Paris. Secondly, the chants and motions mock muslim religious provocations. So I’m liking it a lot more now that I see a less sanitized version of this protest.

Thanks M

This appears to be what its about

Thanks M very much for your diligence and research.

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  1. Good on them. It’s a sign of the poor and pathetic approach non Islamic governments have taken addressing the Muslim expansion and eventual take over. Forget being a non Muslim, if your a woman, your completely screwed under Islam.

  2. Can someone please tell that veiled hypocrite at 0.20 of the tape, that sack-clothed and chador-adorned muslims that are increasingly flooding OUR countries are offensive to our sense of aesthetics and that WE find their practice of polygamy, paedophilia, systematic abuse of our social services, beheading of our people in our streets, bombing of our buildings, corrupting of our youth, deeply offensive, morally. ARRRRGHHHHH

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