News and links for Dec 13 2012

1. Update from Tommy Robinson in prison.

This is pretty depressing. I really do not want to believe the UK keeps political prisoners and so dishonestly at that. At least the USSR was pretty up front about it.

2. Japan scrambled fighter jets on Thursday after a Chinese government plane entered for the first time what Japan considers its airspace over disputed islets in the East China Sea… “Despite our repeated warnings, Chinese government ships have entered our territorial waters for three days in an row,” Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Osama Fujimura told reporters.

3.  Renovations in Amsterdam apartments – nicknamed “halal homes” in the press – have sparked a political row in the Netherlands.

About 180 apartments in Amsterdam have been given special makeovers which suit the wishes of Muslim residents. Features include individual taps that can be used for ritual cleansing before prayers and sliding doors to keep men and women apart.

4.  Syrian refugees get help from Swedish churches. Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing Syria and Sweden is the fave destination.

5. Nonie Darwish on what Egyptians are afraid to know

The problem with Egypt and many other Islamic nations is that they are ignorant of what they are demanding, and are left ignorant by their own media and educational system. By now it seems apparent that Egyptians do not even want to learn the truth about Sharia, in case they might reject it — an act that would turn them into apostates, eligible for death.

6. Syrian opposition urges U.S. review of al-Nusra blacklisting

(Reuters) – The leader of Syria’s opposition coalition urged the United States on Wednesday to review its decision to designate the militant Islamist Jabhat al-Nusra as a terrorist group, saying religion was a legitimate motive for Syrian rebels.

7. Press TV does propaganda piece accusing Canada of stealing children from Amer-Indian families without bothering to look at the very real conditions in the homes where these children may have been taken. I might add, to the best of my knowledge, Amer-Indian women do not cover their faces in that classically Arabian fashion as a rule. I wonder what prompted that?

8. No Shots Fired: State Dept Benghazi Security Force Unarmed

Breitbart: A source with personal knowledge of the security situation in Benghazi told Breitbart News that Senators who listened to closed door testimony about the Benghazi attack were shocked to learn State Department security personnel agents were not immediately armed.

9. Somali community uses riots, thuggery and intimidation as way to show that they should be allowed more public funds to live off of.

Remember the riots requiring large police presence and pepper spray when Somalis rioted at a meeting for applying for subsidized housing? Well they are now claiming this shows how they should all be given nice homes to live on that other people have to pay for. I think the Jews have a word for this. Starts with a Ch…

10. Christina Hoff Somers, a psychologist, author and personal hero of mine, discusses Sweden’s attempt to obliterate the facts of human sexual dichotomy. In this article she explains why it won’t work. Next step of course will be the Swedes will try and make boys feel really bad if they don’t act like girls. Because feeling bad is quite OK of course for commies when people do not go with the prescribed narrative. It is to be avoided for all other reasons of course.


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