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4 Replies to “Classic leftist rains sanctimony on people who want foreign terrorists deported from the UK”

  1. Her organisation defends the rights of terrorists, but it does not defend the rights of non-terrorists (of either the right or the left) whom the British government/judiciary have served with 10 year bans from public protest (CRASBOs). The organisation “Liberty” is not interested in the rights of those who don’t fit it’s celebrity-seeking goals. “Liberty” stood silent when in October 2010 the British government banned all political demonstrations from 5 boroughs of London (the equivalent of 5 cities) for a period of 30 days.

    The employees of “Liberty” are more interested in promoting themselves as the champions of some romantacized “disenfranchised” terrorists, than in promoting the freedom of ordinary people who are not encouraging slaughter in the name of curry-flavoured politics/religion.

  2. She is the perfect example (I would even say reason) why groups such as EDL are coming to be. This lady should bear the brunt of the consequences by this leftist way of thinking.

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