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One Reply to “A blast from the past. Yesterday’s conviction of 9 UK terror suspects brings to mind this 2010 video of 8 UK terrorists”

  1. Isn’t it funny how much terrorists always look like terrorists? I mean, don’t these guys look exactly like the guys who did 9/11? The reality is that pretty much any guy who looks like one of those guys, is probably at least sympathetic to Jihad. I’m just saying…

    You hear these guys complaining about how badly the West has treated them, but it’s all nothing more than a tactic. In the Quran, “oppression” is defined as refusing to submit to Islam. That’s right, if you refuse to become a Muslim you are oppressing them by not allowing the whole area to become subject to Sharia. Right? That’s oppression, since Sharia is the way of God, and who are you to…blah, blah, blah.
    I suspect that Islam may be the single worst disaster to ever befall the human race – worse than any natural disaster, plague, or war. The way it so virulently keeps on killing, on a daily basis, so many centuries later…it is truly awesome. The constantly-aggrieved, hateful attitude of those young men is the very essence of evil.

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