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6 Replies to “May you find the peace you never had in life Whitney. A voice that made the angels jealous”

  1. How was she manufactured? Certainly her style and skill was her own. The pop songs could have been made by a writing-factory, I don’t know that much about her but they are good songs nonetheless.

    Hendrix was indeed a phenomenon. An original indeed. But because he was, doesn’t mean no one else can be.

  2. You watch that crap X factor?Thats manufactured,just like her generation. The songs she has sung are sentimental rubbish and is typical of the crap thats about.Besides,she was a junkie lowlife,a black supremacist secretly.

  3. Actually no, I never watched X factor or even any of the talent shows on TV, other than viral youtube clips like Susan Boyle. After all, that made the Futurama episode so much funnier didn’t it?

    I like Houston’s voice and songs. I try not to know the politics of artists I like the same way i go out of my way to never hear Bill Clinton play saxophone. Whitney Houston did not earn her platform with the public through critical analysis of pop culture or politics the way say, Bill Whittle did. Bill on the other hand, has not earned my ear by his amazing harpsichord work, assuming for a moment that he plays harpsichord.

    I grieve for the loss of a great talent and perhaps also that she has run out of chances to pull her life together. The rest, I don’t care about much. I know enough artists and some fairly famous to know that it is a bad idea to know the people who’s work you admire too well. It can really spoil your enjoyment of the art.

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