President Obama, please, “Stop Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood…”

“…the founders of Hamas and al-Qaeda are not moderate.”

As a Coptic Christian Egyptian female I can’t even begin to imagine the life that the political activist Cynthia Farahat has led, let alone the deep terror which must be filling her heart at the prospect of the future awaiting her and her people.

There will be the childhood and young life marred and marked by oppression, fear and persecution; the religious, academic and political exclusion; and the constant threat of violence, abduction, robbery and rape. With the months and years ahead promising nothing more than worse, much worse, to come.

Here is a short excerpt of her testimony to the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission in the US House of Representatives.

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2 Replies to “President Obama, please, “Stop Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood…””

  1. In fact, the Muslim Brothers/Sisters have been in the hood of White House ever since the Muslim OCCUPIED the Oval Office.

  2. Obama’s father and uncle were lifetime Al-Ikhwan or Muslim Brotherhood members. In his book “Dreams FROM my Father.” Obama had a breakdown sitting and crying between his father’s and uncle’s grave and came away from the graves with a conviction to serve the Muslim Brotherhood the rest of his life. Obama, that day, dedicated himself to his father’s dream of Al-Ikhwan or the Muslim Brotherhood which is to spread Sharia Law all over the world and bring down the West from the inside.

    Obama and Clinton have given Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and soon Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Iran to his beloved Muslim Brotherhood. Obama met with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood at the White House before sending $200 million US Tax dollars to Egypt for the elections, to get them put into power in the Egypt elections.

    Obama met with the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood in Washington to overthrow Syria while Obama refused to meet with the democratic contingent that wanted to overthrow Syria.

    Obama refused to meet with the leaders of Iraq to see if they wanted the US to stay and help Iraq. Instead Obama withdrew all US support out of Iraq with 30,000 Sharia Law troops already inside Iraq.

    How can he pay for each of these countries with American Troops Lives, their blood and American money, and then be able to turn them over to the Muslim Brotherhood? The answer is simple if you realize the Muslim Brotherhood gets their power from bloody Sharia Law in each of these countries constitutions. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and soon Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Iran all have bloody Sharia Law as part of their constitutions.

    Sharia Law means taking the Koran Literally as the law of the country. So under Sharia Law burying a woman to their waste and stoning women to death is legal. Chopping off heads in the public square is legal. Raping any woman that is not of the leading Sharia Sect is legal. Killing your own child if it chooses to leave the Sect is legal.

    These are all bad things, legalize under Sharia Law, but the power of the Muslim Brotherhood comes from a different Sharia Law. Sharia Law requires every male citizen, that has reached puberty, under Bloody Sharia Law must Jihad against America. That’s the law. If anyone disagrees with the Jihad, they will be beheaded in the town square, publicly hung, publicly shot, run over with tanks in the streets or nerve gassed. These are all legal under bloody Sharia Laws.

    Obama has purposely left Sharia Law in the constitutions of each and every one of these countries to hand them over to his beloved Muslim Brotherhood. This means all of the American Lives lost in Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest of these countries were lost in vain. Both Iraq and Afghanistan will have whole populations dedicated to Jihad against America because of the Sharia Law in their constitutions. Thank you Mr. Obama.

    Sharia Law, in any constitution, of any country, makes every male citizen, that has reached puberty, an enemy combatant to the United States. So Obama’s turning these countries over to his Muslim Brotherhood is treason against the United States citizens.

    So we Americans must come to realize that we are funding our own Jihad with any foreign aid sent to any country that keeps bloody Sharia Law as part of its constitution, including Egypt, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The CIA book of facts lists countries that have Sharia Law as part of their constitutions. These are all terrorist countries and terrorist strongholds against the United States of America. Saudi Arabia has bloody Sharia Law and public beheadings to terrify their people. That is why it was Saudi citizens that flew jets into the world trade center. That is why Saudi wants to build a shrine on ground zero to honor their accomplishment just like their Dome on the Rock in Jerusalem.

    Until America realizes Sharia Law is the true enemy of the United States, America is funding world takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood and thus funding its own Jihad. This tiny woman will likely be executed, under Bloody Sharia Law, for speaking out against the Muslim Brotherhood if she ever dare return to Egypt.

    Michele Bachmann claims to be the only presidential candidate that understands the Bloody Sharia Law and its threat to every citizen of the United States.

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