Islamists Hate Music, Western Art and Culture

 This article was posted in a link, on the comment thread on the issue of the interruption of the concert at Albert Hall last night. The whole article can be read here with a portion of it below. 

It came as something as a shock to the liberal British arts establishment when ‘British’ Muslims recently set out their demands for changes in the educational system. They demanded that all schools with Muslim students should become Shariah-compliant, with bans on dance, drama and music. Recitation of the Koran should replace music lessons, and art should be restricted to the portrayal of inanimate objects.

Although they put the lefty luvvies and literati in a flutter, to anyone familiar with the global onslaught of Islam these demands are no surprise, and are in fact inevitable once Muslims have established themselves in sufficient numbers in Dar al Harb (the lands of the infidels).

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  1. This is just the beginning of their assault on Western entertainment, the left who has supported them are about to discover what type of viper they have been nurturing.

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