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2 Replies to “Turkey expels Israeli diplomatic staff above 2nd secretary”

  1. Oh I get it! According to Turkey, Israelis are not human. Nice to see Israel is slapping lawsuits onto Turkey for their destructive and adolescent diplomacy.

  2. Why have links with Israel at all? Since Turkey hates them why not just have no further links. This slow speed to an islamic state is frustrating. I can not wait for Turkey to become Islamic for economic reasons. Too many kuffar spend hard earned money at its tourist resorts. Money that is then used to further the jihad. Still we will see Turkey in a few years and let us hope it is more like Iran. Another inbred state with delusions of grandeur. When they are beyond redemption then maybe the West will come to its senses and treat it as an enemy state. An enemy to white western people.

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