More on the Philadelphia riots

Some seriously messed up things are happening to my site today. This is the third time I have attempted to post this video, and I can’t be bothered to rewrite the whole opinion part of it again till its fixed. Sorry for the slow posting. It appears as if some totalitarian minded person or group is attempting to restrict my right of expression as well as all of yours here at this site today.

It is interesting though, what the anchor woman thinks is shocking. I would say I thought other things where.

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  1. This is a growing problem in all Western nations, the criminals are taking advantage of the new tech and the police are playing catch-up. The usual leftist suspects are calling for government control of the net and social sites like twitter, they create a problem (in this case by stopping people from teaching values and morals to the kids) and try to use it to further their authoritarian goals.

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