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3 Replies to “Economists describe the EU and the Greek economy”

  1. They are doing a good job, as far as I can see the EU, the US and unknown to most people China are in a three way race to see who goes bankrupt and defaults on their bonds first. Right now it is close to a tie.

  2. These guys are crackingly funny, I tune in every Thursday night just to see what they have to say. sometimes the truth is easier to tell if you do it funnily. (for those who do not know, these two guys are actualy Australian comedians/actors, and this segment is a parody at the end of “the 7:30 report” on the abc, on Thursday night as the last segment of the week).

  3. I haven’t watched this yet, but Clarke and Dawe are two unfunny lefty comedians. Clarke was funny back in the 70s, but he’s way past his useby.

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