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10 Replies to “Ezra finds the most rare of creatures. The moderate Muslim.”

  1. Gimme a break!

    The “radicals have hijacked her faith”– how does this make her a ‘moderate?’ She thinks (tells us?) she can pick and chose, or cook her own private little Islam?

    Islam was always political, it was always imposed by force, it has no spirituality. Its not about ‘feelings’, its not about how she feels, Islam is what it is!

    This women is a loon. Even if there were more like here, they would be insignificant in numbers. When push comes to shove, the righteous believers always win over these half-assed Irshad Manji types, who enjoy western freedoms but still cannot get themselves to take a closer look at the Koran, sira and hadith, the squalor and the absolute disaster caused by this ideology.

    Muslim women are not forced to wear the freedom sack? But of course they are. There is no freedom not to wear it. Ask Aqsa Pervez!

    Can’t ask her? Well, visit her grave then…..

  2. What Islam Isn’t By Dr. Peter Hammond http://bit.ly/62aHxu

    “Islamism is not a movement to be engaged, it is an enemy to be defeated.” http://bit.ly/cCU5LW

    Islam: The Religion of Peace ( And A Whole Bunch of Dead Bodies) http://bit.ly/cY94uX

    Former Muslim Speaks Out http://tinyurl.com/25tztmy

    Islam Permits Lying to Deceive Unbelievers and Bring World Domination! by Dr. Don Boys http://bit.ly/KIwW1

    A Germans View of Islam http://bit.ly/cEKTK9

    Shining A Light On Sharia Creep http://bit.ly/cFFSNX

  3. LIAR woman. This clouding of the facts is just playing for time …. the maternity wards are busy, busy, busy. Democracy?… Demographics.

  4. Actually, not so slow. There is going to be a massive physical clash over this. Get ready, the muslims are getting ready, believe me.

  5. She says “radicals have hijacked her faith.” Really. Why does she not go and talk to these radicals then. I am sure they will be happy to have a quiet chat with her. Instead she comes to Ezra. Ezra should get some of the radicals over to her house so that she can explain to them how as Robert Spencer would say they have become misunderstanders of Islam. Talk to the radicals you perfect understander of Islam. Your perfect understanding of Islam is what they need to know to guide them back to the truth and love of Islam.

  6. Chervil I know what you mean about demographics but let us look at it from another angle. As of 2005, 17% of the population of the emirate was made up of UAE nationals. Approximately 85% of the expatriate population (and 71% of the emirate’s total population) was Asian, chiefly Indian (51%) So things go the other way too. And what of the brunnetes of Duabai. They are every where. I think sometimes we need to take a close look at these oil places and just see the demographic makeup that is there and how it is changing. From my reading quite a few billionaires in the Arab Countries are Indian Hindus. Here are the top five. I know number four on the list is a muslim but you get my point. Hindus and Brunnettes are doing great thing over there and in Dubai especially the Brunnette class is sunning itself and partying and changing the culture of the desert savages. Check these billionaires out.
    1. Micky Jagtiani, Landmark Group
    2. BR Shetty, NMC Group
    3. Chhabria family, Jumbo Group
    4. Yusuff Ali MA, Emke
    5. PNC Menon, Sobha Developers

  7. Ezra, Ezra, Ezra . . .moderate Muslim? Ezra introduces a supposed moderate Muslim female, Raheel Raza who leads mixed gender prayers . . .and Ezra finds that laudible as a moderate?

    Does Raheel Raza lead the five requisite daily prayers of Islam? If so, she and her minions will recite the Fatiha seventeen times in the course of those prayers – EACH AND EVERY DAY.

    As Wafa Sultan states in her book “A God Who Hates”:

    “This verse describes Christians as “those who have gone astray” and Jews as “those who have incurred Your wrath.” We see from this that Muslims execrate

    (emphasis mine, to point out the word deliberately chosen is hardly a moderating adjective )

    Christians and Jews a number of times in the course of a single prayer, which they repeat five times a day.”

    execrate –verb
    1. to detest utterly; abhor; abominate.
    2. to curse; imprecate evil upon; damn; denounce

    see Robert Spencer’s : ” Blogging the Qur’an: Sura 1, “The Opening””
    see also Gates of Vienna’s post: The Kinetic Effects of Prayer in Islam and witness the impossibility of moderation in Islam.

    Islamic prayer is indoctrination to hate, building the foundation of hate enabling the training for violence. . .even when guided by a soft spoken, likeable Raheel Raza.
    Why is this so difficult to comprehend? Islam is not about peace. Islam is about conquest & submission of all.
    LAN ASTASLEM (Arabic: ?? ?????? )
    Know Islam = No Peace.
    No Islam = Know Peace.

  8. I actually thought Ezra was a lot cleverer than he is in this video. A moderate muslim is a mythical creature like a unicorn. He got played. To be fair he is not totally dumb but he needs to get with the learning curve. Time to get real Ezra or you will start having fantasies about Brunettes on Unicorns running after moderate Muslims in the woods where Zulus wait with spears in keen anticipation of a kill. Stop taking the magic mushrooms and come blinking into the real world. Now is the time to take a hard look at what is the real game here. A moderate Muslim makes as much sense as a Moderate Nazi.

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