Train Attacked in Marseille

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This story of an attack on a freight train in Marseille has been widely reported on the web. This version is from Novopress:

In Marseille, as in many other French cities, crime is part of the landscape. Besides drug trafficking that took root a very long time ago, other, equally grave, events take place every day in the Phocaean capital.

Note: “Phocaean capital” is the French nickname for Marseille. The city was founded by the sea-faring Greek Phocaeans in 600 B.C. and named Massalia.

Last night, a passenger train, the Regional Express (TER), was blocked violently, at the risk of causing a serious accident. Huge quantities of objects had been thrown onto the rails in the Nord districts of Marseille, by “a group of about twenty young people” said AFP (Agence France Presse). According to the Télégramme, the locomotive was damaged when it brutally struck a shopping cart. A freight train that was following behind was in turn blocked by the TER but fortunately did not hit it. The “young people” could not get into the TER, but the freight train became the scene of a veritable razzia.

Note: The “young people” wore hoods, according to L’Humanité.

We won’t discuss the designation “young people” used by the lobby of political correctness and “newspeak” that the AFP represents. This crime took place near the Ruisseau Mirabeau ghetto in the 15th arrondissement, a ghetto where immigrants of all origins are concentrated.

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